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The trick for close-up worthy photos: Make Up For Ever's new HD additions

Earlier this May, Make Up For Ever Philippines released two new additions to their Ultra HD line: the Ultra HD Skin Perfector (P2,300) and the Ultra HD Soft Light (P1,990). The Ultra HD line is well-known among professionals as being one of the most camera-friendly foundations in the market. Formulated to look photogenic at 4k resolution (standard HD being only 1280p), the Ultra HD lets you #beYOUunfiltered whether going bold or bare.

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How to choose the right foundation shade

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that looks less appealing than a woman with the wrong foundation shade. You could look like Angelina Jolie or Gloria Diaz but with the wrong foundation all your good looks will just look...odd. Gray. Orange. Yellow. It depends! That's why you must pick your foundation carefully, since it could really make or break your appearance.

Always remember that foundation should look natural. It should look like skin. Otherwise, you'll just end up looking like you have a blanket of color on top of your face - and you don't want that! So, here are a few tips on how to choose your best foundation shade:

  1. Determine your skin tone. Your skin tone could be one of two: warm and cool. Warm tones include yellow and olive, while cool tones include beige. One way to determine if you're warm or cool is by checking if you look better with gold or silver jewelry. If gold makes you glow, you're warm. Same with silver! Thus, if you're warm-toned, get yellowish foundations. If you're cool-toned, get beige foundations.
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