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OOTD: The first quarter uniform

This is how I dress most days. Unless there's an event or important meeting I have to be at, I'm in shorts (or in this care, "skorts"), a cotton long-sleeved shirt, and my Converse sneakers. The uniform changes according to the look I'm digging at the moment but right now this is it - functional and utterly comfortable without being too boring.

Forever 21 top | Stradivarius necklace and skorts | Casio watch | Converse sneakers | Tory Burch satchel

I have two of these bottoms from the same brand (the other is tan faux leather) and three of these shirts in different colors. I wouldn't have believed you if you told me a few years ago that I'd be buying duplicates, even triplicates of my clothes now. So how did it happen?

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OOTD: Coming up roses

Even when fecal matter hits some electric rotating blades, I have been able to update this blog as if everything is completely fine. It's what I do, it's what I'm good at. It's what keeps me on track.


Anyhoo, thought I'd show you what I wore yesterday! I just met a couple of people, which would normally call for a more subdued palette. However it was so gloomy yesterday that I could not pass up the red faux leather jacket I have hanging around. That and my pouffy rose skirt is my middle finger to the cloudy weather.

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FOTD + OOTD: Because!

I slept at 3am today because I leveled up my new characters on Disgaea 4. I haven't gotten far to be honest because I was so engrossed making everyone as powerful as I can make them! So, I had to swig down a whole pot of tea to keep myself chipper after only three hours of sleep. Many things are afoot today - I can't look dead!

Anyhoo, I just want to share a look I wore last Tuesday. I finally wore leatherette skirt I got from Forever 21. It's so...shiny and squeaky. It's easy to go overboard when styling it but I wanted to look clean and classy, hence, I toned it down with black everywhere.

Forever 21 top and skirt / Shoe Ettiquette pumps / Pinkbox bangle / Aldo snake ring

I was also supposed to make a date look tutorial but I made a mess with my eyeshadows. -_- I do love how the eyeliner turned out though! I used a thick black Dolly Wink liner on top, then dotted some brown K-Palette on the bottom lashes to make them look thicker without actually creating a line.

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Shopping is serious

I was out very early today for work errands. After the serious stuff, I roamed the mall for something I can wear to the Pinkbox event on Wednesday. Preparing for it has been super stressful so I better damn well look good on the day itself! Hehe. 

Anyway, it turns out it's hard to look for a classy pink outfit. I went to Zara, Mango, The Ramp, zilch. So I went to the trusty Forever 21 store. There is SO MUCH pink in that place right now! I didn't have much time left so I just grabbed some stuff that would somehow fit the purple/pink theme of the party.

I got this lavender dress for only P619. Yeah I'm not kidding! It was P1,435 originally but a lot of the stuff are on sale at Forever 21 Makati right now. I would love to wear this but I'm not sure if it can still fit the theme. Hmm. Maybe a pink headband can make it work.

Another sale find. This blazer is now only P505. Crazy. It was P1,685 originally. The fit is nice on me, even though the only size left is small.

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My Palmolive Naturals Stylista shopping date with Marie

“When I shop, I just get what I like on the mannequins! I don’t like looking around!” said a friend of mine over lunch. I was marginally scandalized. I’m a person who can’t settle on a purchase without seeing everything first. How can I possibly make an informed decision if I don’t know all my options? How can anyone else?

Hehe, seriously, I think of shopping somewhat like a game. And I loooove having a companion to shop for. A couple of weeks ago, I accompanied the winner of my Palmolive Naturals Stylista Speaks contest  to her shopping spree at Forever 21 Makati. It was such a fun experience because it’s my first time to go shopping with a new friend!


Her name is Marie. She’s a pretty just-out-of-college woman who is very sweet and kikay. Ahhh, a girl after my own heart (well except for the sweet part, har di har har). She wanted to find good deals at first since some items were on sale, but I persuaded her to invest in some pieces that I think she’ll enjoy wearing again and again! I also gave her my tried-and-tested shopping tips, which I shall post here!


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Belt it out

I was at Forever 21 in SM Makati yesterday when I spotted their selection of belts. I don't remember paying attention to the brand's belts before - big mistake! They have really good ones. Some are run-of-the-mill, but there are a couple of gems that I bought for myself.

Both belts are P385. The dusty rose one is for my girly outfits, while the khaki/neon is for something edgier. I don't know. We'll see what I come up with!

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Peach and Sequins

I'm the kind of person who doesn't mix and match while shopping. Let me explain. My modus operandi is simple: explore store minutely, buy the prettiest most cost-worthy items!

When I went on a Forever 21 rampage recently (er) I bought a few pieces that I didn't consciously match in my head. That's why I was so happy when, upon getting home, I discovered that this peach knit shirt went perfect with this black sequined skirt! #mababaw

Forever 21 top and skirt / SM necklace / Pinkbox ring / Ferretti pumps

Separately though, I think that this skirt and top can play with many other items in my wardrobe. That was one successful shopping trip, if I do say so myself.

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Neon school girl

I visited the Ferretti store in Glorietta 1 yesterday and positively ooohd when I saw the new pumps. They're the highest we've come out with yet at 4.5 inches, but of course they're still as lightweight and as comfy as ever. There's a basic black, sky blue, pastel pink, and a true lemon yellow. I bought the yellow as soon as I fitted it!

Forever 21 blazer / Topshop blouse / Ever New skirt / Aldo Revera bag / Pinkbox bangles and headband / Aldo ring

I love it! It's my third pair of pumps from Ferretti (again, yay employee discount).

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OOTD: Bandages and leather

I got this body-hugging dress at Forever 21 some months back and I absolutely love it. However, it's too revealing chest-wise. Too tight. Sorry, I'm such an old lady. I just believe that women look better when they don't bare too much - remember this thing called mystery? Girls my age forget that they're more interesting that way.

So! I wore the dress with a thrifted leather jacket (I know, one of my best finds. Got it for only P250) and an SM necklace to cover up. I love how it turned out.

Forever 21 dress | Thrifted leather jacket | Ferretti pumps | Avon Manzzini bag | Accessories from Parfois and SM

 I also wore these Ferretti pumps for the first time.

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OOTD: Blue and gold accents

It's been a while since I did an outfit post here. Between then and now I've quietly hoarded dresses as if there's no tomorrow. It's about time really. I don't like my clothes anymore.

Anyway! As you can see I'm still in a tan mood. The dress was a genius find from Forever 21; it works sooo well with my body type! What's nice is that it's like an LBD, it can be worn different ways with the right shoes and accessories. It's like a blank canvas one can play with.  

Forever 21 dress/ Parfois heels and ring/ Ferretti necklace/ Pink Box bangle 

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Sale alert: Forever 21 SM Makati

Eyeing that Forever 21 dress but put off buying it for some reason or other? Well, there's no reason now since Forever 21 Makati is having a three-day sale with selected items at 50% off! I hope I can catch the sale this weekend, there are some pieces I've been mooning over. X-ing fingers!

There’s just so much to look forward to at the Forever 21 3 Day Sale at SM Makati from August 19 to 21:

• Aug 19 10AM-12nn: 10% off on regular priced items when you use your SM Advantage Card/BDO Rewards/SM Prestige Card.

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Haul: Ferretti and Forever 21

You know, my salary just goes back to my boss because I end up buying her shoes anyway! :P I do have an employee discount (20%) but at the end of the day it's still my own money I spend. So if you love shoes, take my advice: don't work for a shoe brand that sells great stuff! (Loljk)

Anyway, I got a couple of new pairs from Ferretti last Wednesday. Both were love at first sight for me so I had to get them asap. I knew (doi) that all designs come in very limited quantities so I didn't want to leave anything to chance. 


Exhibit A: gunmetal woven flats with a ribbon (P999). Self explanatory. Major win. I like how sophisticated the design is! I almost got the silver version, but I opted for a toned-down gunmetal instead.

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