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Brush Week: My top five favorite brushes

Brush Week is finally drawing to a close. I think it's only fitting to write about my five favorite brushes, the ones that I never fail to use! I mean, there are a lot of brushes that I rotate quite often, but these five are absolutely indispensable to my routine. 

You'll notice that my picks here are mostly inexpensive. I don't feel the need to invest in a lot of expensive brushes since I only apply makeup on myself, and the ones I have here work perfectly. In fact, my favorite powder brush is only P120! Seriously. It's so awesome but unfortunately I can't find it anymore.

Anyway, here's why I LOVE these brushes!

The Large Powder Brush is my favorite foundation brush, hands down. It's super soft and quite large, but I like the size because it really cuts down the amount of time I spend on powder application.

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