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Event snippets: The Bobbi Brown House of Foundation

Bobbi Brown has an amazing cosmetics line-up but what she's most famous for is her foundation. You see, in the time of pancake makeup in the 90s, she had this idea that womens' foundation should look like second skin. She came out with yellow-toned bases around that time and since then was a firm proponent of natural beauty and the power of yellow to brighten any skin tone.

Today, Bobbi Brown has created several foundation formulas to suit a wide range of skin concerns. My personal favorite is the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Compact because it's convenient to use while still giving me that flawless, natural finish that is usually possible only with liquid foundations. It wears well on my combination skin, too, so I never have to worry about it melting off!

The best seller, however, is the Skin Foundation. This looks like second skin - dewy and practically invisible while softening imperfections. The Long-Wear Even Finish Liquid Foundation has heavier coverage and is ideal for oily faces, while the Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation is more for dry skin types. There is also a new formula, the Extra Bright Powder Compact Foundation SPF 25 PA+++. This powder base is created for very oily skin that needs quite a bit of coverage!

Felix Nguyen, International Makeup Artist for Bobbi Brown, flew in to the Philippines some weeks back for the House of Foundation event. He talked about these five foundations and how best to apply them. Here are a few snippets from this super fun event!

The Bobbi Brown Foundation Bar. How awesome would it be to go up to the "bartender" and ask for a shot of Perfect Skin, on the rocks?

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Launch and product information: MAC Archie's Girls Collection

I've been to a lot of parties and even throw some (modest ones) myself, but nobody - and I mean nobody - does parties like MAC. A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to attend the MAC Archie's Girls collection launch. In keeping with the well-loved comics' setting, the Mall of Asia activity center was transformed into a 50's paradise. There were sock hop dancers, vintage-y music, a jukebox, and a kissing booth. The food was right on theme as well with soda floats, burgers and fries, and mini desserts!

But of course the real star of the event was the eternal love triangle - Archie and his girls, Betty and Veronica. MAC released the Archie's Girls collection with two sub-categories. Betty had light, girl-next-door makeup, whereas Veronica had daring and vampy colors fit for boyfriend stealin'. 

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Project Vanity: Five Years of Vanity Event

A lot of readers have requested me to do a meet and greet in the past, and I want to do one too because - what else - I want to meet you! Some of you guys have been reading this blog since the beginning, and you can't believe how much I'm choking up just thinking about that. It's been five years of vanity, of learning, and sharing how we could be better women both inside and out. Half a decade, huh? I want to do something special to celebrate that with you guys.

I've been thinking how to do this for quite a while, and I finally figured it out. What if I did it in one of my favorite places in the world, with some of my favorite beauty brands? And that's when my brain went ding ding ding! Haha. Presenting, the Project Vanity: Five Years of Vanity Event!

It will be held at Beauty Bar Bonifacio High Street (on top of Muji) on March 9, 2-4pm and will be co-sponsored by K-Palette, Fairydrops, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and of course Beauty Bar. It will be a fun afternoon of mingling with other beauty enthusiasts, coffee, and freebies! I will be doing a demonstration showing a quick but high-impact everyday look, and of course I'll be doing a Q&A on all your beauty concerns. It's like Ask Liz! live and on crack. ;)

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MAC Glamour Daze event + complete product info/prices

MAC's biggest collections always come during the holiday season. Their limited edition sets are legendary, and the holiday selections usually have an unforgettable theme. This 2012, we have Glamour Daze, which impersonates the aura of couture, the drama of the dressing room, and the glamour of getting ready to step out for the holidays. It's all about a soft color haze around the eyes and gilded skin matched with sweet lips.

There was a big party to celebrate this collection. Whitespace was positively bursting with celebrities, the press, and of course your usual beauty blogger gang. :P I really enjoyed the swingin' music and the general ambiance that was so artfully created with Glamour Daze installations and models clad in their pastel uniforms.


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MAC Hey Sailor! does naughty pinup nautical

Do you know how the "pinup girl" came about? During the Second World War, American soldiers would put up posters of sexy women on their walls or lockers. Sex symbols of the day such as Betty Grable, Marlyn Dietrich, and other girls who became pinup stars had an honored place in these testosterone-filled military camps. Popular pinup artist Gil Elvgren also drew women for these posters, one of which is this:

Photo from Oh, for the love of vintage

So that's a short history lesson for you. :) Anyway, today I want to talk about MAC's latest collection to hit the Philippines - Hey Sailor! It's inspired by the nautical pinup girl, with shades of bronze and tan capturing beautiful beach skin while brilliant blues and greens remind us of the sea. Here's the price list for your reference.

I went to the launch to have my makeup done (will show you in a bit). Of course, the girls from MAC were also there to join in on the fun. Check out their Hey Sailor! looks:

Rizel Magno in navy blue smoky eyeshadows and a bright red lip (Red Racer, a bright yellow red)

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Benefit Confessions Blogger Party

Benefit Cosmetics held an exclusive party for beauty bloggers last Wednesday and holy hell, I haven't had that much fun in ages! The Benefit gals really know how to throw a girlie bash!

The girls of Benefit

The event was held at Sweet Bella in Burgos Circle. Even though it was stormy that night, the cafe was close to bursting with giggles, makeup, and Sweet Bella's signature macarons and cakes.

So! Here's a rundown on what transpired that fateful night. Warning: expect to see your favorite poised beauty bloggers doing lots of silly things! :P

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See you at Adamson University on March 2!

I am super duper mega excited for Friday! I will giving a beauty talk to Adamson University students as part of the Colour Collection Tour. I am just this close to bursting with all the things I want to share to the students, not only when it comes to makeup and fashion, but how to cultivate their self-confidence and hopefully go into a career they love.

It's really more of me sharing my story. I was a reclusive college kid pretty much, and now I'm in PR and marketing. Makeup plays a big role in my life beyond the fact that I write about it almost everyday. It helped me find the courage to face a future that I wasn't sure would happen to me. 

The purple bus!

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Human Heart Nature says, "Read the label!"

When I was younger, I was very reckless about using skincare products. I thought, "What's the worst that can happen?" Indeed, what? I found out the hard way after allergic reactions and several breakouts later. Thus, I've taken to reading (or at the very least, scanning) the label of each product I use. You'll also notice that in most of my skincare and makeup reviews, I provide a snap of the ingredients (when applicable).

I usually Google the ingredients I'm concerned about. Now if you've tried doing that before, you'll notice that getting the results you want can be a challenge. The EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database is very helpful, but you'll have to wade through a lot of data to get the info you need. I also like Cosdna since it's more straightforward, but it's not as comprehensive as EWG. 

So where else can we go? Fortunately, Human Heart Nature decided to develop an app that functions as an ingredients database.

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What they wore to the last Clinique Party

I came with no expectations during the last Clinique Party, but I have to say I was impressed by all the readers who went. They looked gorgeous! I would like to claim that it's because of the tireless efforts of this blog (hihi) but I'd be fooling myself. Good-looking women are that way because they're confident about themselves and their daily sartorial or beauty choices. Beauty has always been in how you perceive and value YOU.

To everyone going to my Clinique Party tomorrow, I'm excited to meet all of you! Look good ha, but no pressure. :P Here are the outfits of the readers who went to the first round:

Kira in her cute modern boheme outfit

That's Marbbie looking electric! Color blocking wtf!

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Paul & Joe's 4th Birthday Bash

The French-Japanese cosmetic brand, Paul & Joe, has been in the Philippines for four years now. It seems only yesterday when I first heard about it. I was still in college then, and I would read so many raves about their foundation (which is really good btw)! Fast-forward to four years and the brand has grown stronger, releasing new collections every month or so.


The brand celebrated its fourth birthday here by throwing an intimate afternoon party for the press in Lusso, Greenbelt 5. A lot of prizes were given away with the grand prize being P20,000 worth of Paul & Joe products! *whistles* The girl who won that is sooo lucky! Anyway, here are the photos:


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