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Tutorial: 5-Minute Smoky Eyes

Smoky eyes can be intimidating. There's the impression that it takes a lot of time, brushes, and expertise just to get it right. That's not necessarily true though! Smoky eyes can be quick, easy, and most importantly, clean, if you use the following techniques. 

This look is particularly perfect for girls with monolids and chinky eyes. Smoky gradient colors like this can make your eyes look bigger and more defined plus you don't need a crease to make it work. So, are you ready for glamorous, dramatic eyes? Here's my five-minute smoky eye tutorial!

Step 1: Use a black/charcoal creamy eyeliner, eye crayon (those jumbo fat ones), or cream eyeshadow as base. Key word: creamy! You can't use your normal pencil eyeliner if it's very dry. You're looking for something that's emollient and easy to smudge.

I'm using the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Eye Pencil in Onyx in this look.

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Tutorial: Coffee to cocktails look with Bobbi Brown

Scenario: you're an office girl and you have caffeine-powered meetings all throughout the afternoon. After work, you plan to chill with some friends over cocktails or maybe attend where you need to step up your look. You have your outfit prepared but what about your makeup? It has to be up to the task! What you need are long-wearing products that need only minimal retouching as you transition from day to night. That's where Bobbi Brown comes in.

No other brand understands working women better than Bobbi Brown, I think. Her focus has always been on natural-looking, polished makeup that's easy to do AND carry around. The Long Wear Eye Collection is perfect for all you office girls out there, or anyone who wants long-lasting makeup for that matter. 

I will review the products separarely next time. :) For now, I want to show you a look I did entirely with Bobbi Brown products I have in my kit. It's what I would wear to the office (clean, natural makeup) straight to cocktails (darker, more intense eyes and lips). Here's a step-by-step tutorial!

Step 1: Apply a reliable, sweat and oil-resistant foundation such as the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation. This foundation just doesn't quit! It's also heavy coverage so I can use it to conceal most of my blemishes. 

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