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NARS vs. Nee Cara vs. O.TWO.O: A comparison of almost identical liquid blushes

I’ve been an avid fan and collector of liquid blushes since NARS released their version in 2017. I’ve tried a bunch of options from Glossier, Inglot, and Peri Pera, but I always come back to NARS for its longevity and luxe feel. Imagine my surprise to find ads of Nee Cara Liquid Blush (P260 for 15g, at Shopee) that look so much like the NARS blushes, down to the shade range. Now imagine the electric charge in the air when my editor proposed to compare the two, plus the liquid blushes from O.TWO.O (P300 for 15g at Shopee), a Chinese company that also sells liquid blushes in the same packaging and shade range! And so I tested the three formulas to investigate how similar they are and why the Nee Cara and O.TWO.O blushes look the same.

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Revlon Colorburst lipsticks

Yesterday I went to do groceries at Market! Market! Very mundane I know, but to shake things up I wore bright, almost frightening, fuchsia lipstick. My face was bare except for the the Dr. Jart Gold Label BB cream (for the SPF45). As for clothes, I just had a plain white t-shirt and bleached shorts on. 

IMG_9995 by project_vanity.

It's shallow, but I felt good. I felt powerful. I had enough confidence to wear a lipstick very few would dare to touch. Lol!

Lipsticks are powerful tools that have existed for hundreds of centuries. I love my lipsticks because they allow me to easily express myself even if I'm just wearing a bare face and boring clothes. Pinks and nudes are fine, but loud lip color is the easiest way to make a statement! Anyway, that fuchsia lip is brought to you by Revlon.

IMG_9948 by project_vanity.

Will review the eyeshadows soon!

IMG_9954 by project_vanity.

Revlon has just released a new line of lipsticks aptly called Colorburst. It's their answer to the popular Maybelline ColorSensational line of lipsticks. They're more expensive at almost twice the price of Maybelline - P575 per tube - so I'm sure you'd like to know. Are they better?

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