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A guide to nursing chapped lips back to the land of the living

Although our tropical country doesn’t get to experience the variation of having four seasons, our early mornings and late nights have been chillier than usual! The rare gift of Philippine #sweaterweather is upon us, and we can slide into our comfy jumpers and knits even out of Baguio. While it certainly feels good to take a break from the heat, cold weather actually dries out our skin way faster than the hot summer sun. Dry, flaky skin doesn’t have to be the new normal though, and we’ve written about how to SOS (save our skin) from dying from the cold. But did you know that you should give your pretty pout some extra TLC, too?

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From crusty to plushy: How to deal with criminally chapped lips + top recos

Whenever people see how many lip balms and ointments I own, I get odd looks - most likely because I only have one pair of lips and can’t possibly go through all of my stash successfully. But my secret love affair with lip balms is not baseless. Not only do I buy them because they look pretty on the vanity (kidding); I have Sahara-dry all year round lips! Aside from being in an air-conditioned room almost all day every day because of work, I have a bad habit of constantly chewing on my lips, especially while I'm thinking. My lips are often chapped and flaky, so I've definitely dependent on lip balm to save them!

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Editor's Picks: My current favorite lip balm is the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

It might just be my age, but I find that my skin is drier and drier every year. That also goes for my lips. I rarely had chapped, flaky lips so it's a bit frustrating that I'm getting them more often now! I actually use an amazing overnight lip mask to help with that but during the day, my fave lip balm at the moment is the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment (P1,387 at

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