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A needle-phobe tries microneedling: Does it actually work?

A few months ago, I started using adapalene, a third-generation retinoid that was recently approved for over-the-counter use. Supposedly, a Reddit user banished her textured skin and blackheads in just one month, using daily exfoliation and this “miracle” retinoid gel.

Despite the warnings every single website about adapalene mentions that it’s really only for cystic acne, and that skin will become dry and sensitive for up to two months - a process that is called “retinization” - I bought the product, began using it, and experienced the four worst weeks of my life, skin-wise.

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Five ways to get the most out of your dermatologist visit

Thanks to the popularity of the 10-step Korean skincare routine, we are definitely learning to pay more and more attention to our body’s biggest organ and how to properly care for it. Many a beauty girl can reel off the various actives, acids, and -ides to look for to solve problems such as dark spots, fine lines, dry skin, and more. But while DIY-ing one’s personal skincare has never been easier, nothing quite beats medical advice, especially for more serious concerns such as milia, allergies, or premature signs of skin aging. In a sense, it’s like comparing WebMD to a visit with the doctor: the former may be useful for minor or short-term issues, but when facing major crises or long-term maintenance, you’re better off going in for that physical checkup.

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