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The Belo Men ads: on irony and hypocrisy

This is a little late I know but I thought I'd share my two cents anyway. The protest train has come and gone, Belo has apologized and taken down the ads. But I thought this is a worthy point of discussion, particularly about irony and hypocrisy.

Last Sunday, Belo Men has released a new campaign promoting their whitening range for guys. Three ads came out showing a conyo guy who is supposedly 10% lighter and thus 100% more sosyal and attractive. 

The knee-jerk reaction is that the ads are racist and promotes social stratification. But you know what? I think they're funny (while wrongly promoting social stratification, though definitely not racist)! The ads are tasteless but what Belo has here is self-deprecating sarcasm. Notice how the guy has a Kia - an old, far from sosy car. That's your giveaway. If there were only two ads or if his car is say, an Audi, I would think that Belo is being an asshole. But they're just trying to be funny, even going so far as to poke fun at their target market and even themselves.

Okay let's backtrack. From the car ad, we see a good looking guy throwing his keys at a valet in a swanky place. But he speaks in over-the-top conyoese and drives an old Kia, which means that he's not rich but that he's trying to climb the social grapevine.

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Question to the readers

 I fancy that I am not a purist when it comes to blogging. The medium has evolved tremendously in the past couple of years so it's really hard to set and expect a certain standard for bloggers and their content. So yes, I'm not a purist in the sense that I don't expect anyone's blog to be so and so. I can always simply stop following a blog that ceases to have value to me. 

I do however have preferences. The blogs I read are always about real, personal experiences by the blogger. I stay away from the press release blogs because I don't see the point - I can always find that information in a proper website, magazine, or newspaper. In other words I prefer content that I can't find anywhere else but a specific blog. 

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