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Cocorose London: Foldable flats take a turn for the luxe

Out of the tons of foldable flats out in the market, which one should you choose? They're all comfortable and relatively durable in spite of their bendy properties. They all look pretty good too - good enough to wear by themselves instead of just first aid for high heel-caused sore feet. I think there are two things you should look for: how thick and springy the sole is and how convenient the pouch is.

Yes, the pouch matters. So much. I hate having to jam the foldable flats inside a too-small pouch while touching the dirty soles, and I also dislike having to bring a separate bag for my high heels. Thankfully, Cocorose London has got the perfect pouch for both their foldable flats and my heels!

The pouch is very roomy and fits the flats with no trouble. It also comes with a detachable satin bag for the shoes. How cool is that?

Oh but why am I just raving about the pouch? Check out the foldable flats, they are lovely.

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