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Beauty Roundup: Diamond lipsticks, a new UD collection, and the return of Jaclyn Hill

Another month bites the dust, and with it comes the rise of fresh, hot beauty news. This week’s roundup has got the latest on Kylie Jenner (possibly) expanding her makeup empire to include nails and fragrances, Jaclyn Hill’s semi-return to the beauty world after her failed lippies, as well as Charlotte Tilbury’s latest sparkling beauties. And get ready to stay naked with Urban Decay’s latest drop!

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Beauty Roundup: An Asian makeup exclusive, Jaclyn Hill’s lipstick fiasco, and something beautifully sustainable

This week has all you need to know about Charlottle Tilbury’s newest launch (it’s good for the environment and our makeup bags) as well as an Asian exclusive, care of Maybelline. Brow lovers, get excited because Glossier’s latest product may be your newest secret for getting on fleek! Of course, we’re dipping into the controversy about Jaclyn Hill’s “furry” lipsticks. Mind your hands ‘cause this tea is piping hot!

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Beauty Roundup: A British invasion, Generation K, and wardrobe for your brows!

Hope you’re all staying warm and dry despite the weather! No matter how dark and dreary it can get outside, you can expect to enjoy all things bright and beautiful in the beauty world. There’s a British invasion that we’re seriously looking forward to, and an “all in one” brow product that promises to bring us closer to kilay perfection. Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo’s new beauty collab will have beauty lovers of all ages giddy with excitement, and of course we’re drooling over the new lippie shades from Pat McGrath! Are you ready for this?

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Beauty Roundup: H&M Makeup in PH, tween fave Careline rebrands, and anti-pollution skincare

Makeup, makeup, and more makeup! This week’s roundup has got to be one of the most exciting ones yet as big things are coming to our shores and new-ins are having us do the happy dance. Known for her rose gold packaged goods, Charlotte Tilbury is stepping into the liquid lippie arena (to much praise and delight) with 10 new lipsticks that we never knew we needed. Claudia Schiffer is back in all her gorgeous glory as she unveils a collaboration that is as super as she is, and Maybelline has got us slaying our brow game ASAP. Did we mention that one of our favorite teeny bopper brands has gotten a huge (and very millennial) makeover? Who’s ready for some jelly?

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Judge yourself and others kindly

I was scrolling through Twitter earlier when I saw an article on Charlotte Tilbury, celebrity makeup artist. If you watch Lisa Eldridge or follow glamour magazines then you'd know who she is! She's done the likes of Kate Moss, Penelope Cruz, and Jennifer Lopez to name a few. She has a blog and YouTube channel, which you must check as soon as you get the chance.

Anyway, that article. Charlotte talked about how makeup transformed her life, how she always wears heels, and how her husband has never seen her without makeup. My first reaction was whoa, this woman has issues! It's sad that she can't trust her husband to accept her "natural" face and that she can't do the same for herself either. And what about her skin? It must be feeling smothered by that almost 24/7 layer of gunk. She's a makeup artist, she must know better. 

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Those were the first few things I thought. But then, I read the comments, which is a habit of mine as I get more insight that way and a different view of things. I saw this particular comment and it definitely changed my whole perspective on the matter.

This is true. There are many terrible things that people do. At the end of the day, dressing or doing makeup a certain way shouldn't even be an issue. If a girl likes her made-up face better than her actual face then so what? As far as she is concerned her makeup is her natural face; it's really none of our business.

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