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Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush

I was so surprised when the super chic Sophie handed me this brush as I was about to leave Makati Shangri-La that night. It was very touching, to say the least. For years now, I've followed both her blog, Beautynomics, and her business, Beauty & Minerals. She's one of the bloggers and online entrepreneurs that I really admire!

Enough gushing. Now, meet the newest addition to the Charm Luxe Collection - the Flat Top Brush!

The first thing you'll notice about this brush is its softness. I've never touched a brush as soft, smooth, and dense as this one! I'll stake my name on that. The synthetic bristles are closely packed to ensure that your makeup is spread evenly, with a natural, non-cakey effect. 

Why I love this

  • Extremely soft. It feels like a dream on my face! The hair is silky and never scratchy.
  • Dense. The closely-packed synthetic hairs pick up powder and liquid/cream makeup well and buffs them evenly. I don't get streaks or patchy application.
  • No shedding when I washed it.
  • Just the right size for my hand and face.
  • Pink n' cute!

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