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Manicure Mondays: Bobbi Brown Nail Polish in Bronze Shimmer

Yesterday I went to the Art Fair in Makati with friends. I'm working on a new project which I find exciting and meaningful. The concept isn't original, but it's inspiring enough for me and my friends to try to replicate here in Manila. :) I'll definitely announce it here once I have everything in place!

Anyway, it's been ages since I put on nail polish. I've been busy with my ukulele (gosh how hipster does than sound) and sketching, so I have little time for the upkeep. But the problem is I'm a compulsive nail biter. It's something I find hard to control unless I'm wearing nail polish! Yes, so unglamorous and yuck, but it is what it is. First thing today I decided to paint on some polish!

I chose a color from Bobbi Brown's Spring 2014 Nude Glow collection. It's all about the luminosity when it comes to the spring face - Bobbi offers colors and textures that enhance the skin without being obvious about it. Check out these new releases! (You can open the image in a new tab to view a bigger version).

I have the Bobbi Brown Nail Polish in Bronze Shimmer (P900) which is not only perfect for spring, but an excellent color for the summer as well. It's like molten bronze with uber fine shimmers that give it depth. Such a gorgeous shade for the nails as it brightens the skin and really works with my warm undertone.

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