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Estee Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 2011

Women from both sides of my family suffered from breast cancer. Knowing that, I check my breasts regularly for lumps. I do know I should take it further by getting a mammogram yearly, but for now, I'm just satisfied that there are no lumps!

On that note, did you know that breast cancer is more or less curable if detected early? You can save your and your loved ones' lives just by encouraging them to do a breast self exam, even if they're just in the shower. This is the advocacy of the Estee Lauder group of companies - they want to raise awareness about breast cancer so that women do not have to suffer needlessly just because they were not informed.

Mel Lerma of Estee Lauder talking about the campaign

Estee Lauder currently has a Facebook app that encourages everyone to share a message of hope. Just by typing a few inspiring words in the app, you can help light the world pink - literally! There are illumination sites all over the world, where landmarks are lit pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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