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Tutorial: How to make bottom lashes look naturally thicker

I'm sure bottom lashes are pretty low in your list of priorities when there are evil zits, violent eyebrows, and spiteful scars to fight. Still, a bit of work on those small, maybe invisible hairs on your lower lid can do wonders in opening up your eyes! You will also end up with a sexier, movie star gaze. ;)

I for one have almost non-existent bottom lashes because they seem to always break off all the time. They're sparse enough to begin with, dammit. However, what nature did not gift us, makeup shall conjure!

This tutorial will show you how to fake thicker bottom lashes without using obvious falsies or a straight line there. It's pretty easy to do although you would need a little practice (as with everything really) to get a nice clean finish. Here goes!

Step 1: You will need a long-wearing, preferably water resistant brown eyeliner to draw a combination of small dots and fine hairs on the root of the bottom lashes.

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