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Four things that keep me happy

Would you rather be perfect at only one thing, or would you prefer to be mediocre at a lot of things? I'd honestly choose the former because the latter is just frustrating. Modesty aside I can do a lot of things well enough; I can grasp the concept and how it can be done right, but my talent for it can only go so far. Mediocre-far. It kills me but I guess the alternative is worse: being able to do nothing worthy at all.

Anyway! Let's start the week on a positive note. ^_^ I just want to show you some of the things that keep me happy.

I've mentioned I love the movie "Her". I also loved the song in there so I decided to learn it! My version of "The Moon Song" is a combination of the one in the film and the one sung by Karen O. I hope you like it. 

I loved drawing and painting things on paper before I loved painting my face. I've had my eye on Prismacolor and Derwent Inktense pencils for a while so I went ahead and got them for my birthday. They're pretty awesome! The Prismas are super pigmented, while the Derwent ink pencils are truly intense. Studio-level art stuff aren't cheap but worth the investment. Just like makeup, come to think of it!

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Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Book and Face Palette launch

Hola! How's your long weekend? Me I didn't do much except shop, eat, read and watch fantasy movies. It's cool. I spent it with my family. 


At the Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules classroom!

So! I'd like to tell you what's new at Bobbi Brown. They recently launched the Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Book and a Face Palette to go with the theme. The book is about makeup for teens and young twenty-somethings, so that's something you should own if you want to learn new techniques on the best possible makeup for your age and features. Of course, it also features Bobbi Brown's philosophy not only on beauty, but motherhood as well. 


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The Beauty Rules Face Palette ($45, around P3,000 locally) is created for girls who are just starting to use makeup. It has the colors you would need for a natural day to an evening party look, and the makeup is formulated in such a way that you don't need to use a lot of tools. In fact, the makeup artists recommend using your fingers! Bobbi Brown Singapore makeup artist Cecilia Tay demonstrated how to pull it off to the press:

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