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Event snippets: The Bobbi Brown House of Foundation

Bobbi Brown has an amazing cosmetics line-up but what she's most famous for is her foundation. You see, in the time of pancake makeup in the 90s, she had this idea that womens' foundation should look like second skin. She came out with yellow-toned bases around that time and since then was a firm proponent of natural beauty and the power of yellow to brighten any skin tone.

Today, Bobbi Brown has created several foundation formulas to suit a wide range of skin concerns. My personal favorite is the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Compact because it's convenient to use while still giving me that flawless, natural finish that is usually possible only with liquid foundations. It wears well on my combination skin, too, so I never have to worry about it melting off!

The best seller, however, is the Skin Foundation. This looks like second skin - dewy and practically invisible while softening imperfections. The Long-Wear Even Finish Liquid Foundation has heavier coverage and is ideal for oily faces, while the Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation is more for dry skin types. There is also a new formula, the Extra Bright Powder Compact Foundation SPF 25 PA+++. This powder base is created for very oily skin that needs quite a bit of coverage!

Felix Nguyen, International Makeup Artist for Bobbi Brown, flew in to the Philippines some weeks back for the House of Foundation event. He talked about these five foundations and how best to apply them. Here are a few snippets from this super fun event!

The Bobbi Brown Foundation Bar. How awesome would it be to go up to the "bartender" and ask for a shot of Perfect Skin, on the rocks?

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Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Compact

I've done many events for my clients but I still get nervous. What if no one comes? What if something goes wrong and there's no way to fix it? What if I look horrible in all my pictures? The jitters usually strike on the event day itself. So I'm a bag of nerves right now!

But let's talk makeup before I start fixing the final details for today's work. I know that most girls would be worrying about their outfits during a special occasion, but my main concern is always the foundation. The observer's eye tend to focus on the face, so if the face is a weird shade of gray or white then nothing else would look right. In my opinion anyway!

If you're part of an event then you should be ready for the long hours sweating it out behind the scenes and/or in front of the crowd. Your foundation should be able to stay on and look good in person AND in photos! So choose wisely. The foundation I'd be using today is none other than the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Compact (P2,400).

Sorry about the messy compact, I couldn't find the first set of photos I took of it

Coverage and finish. Its liquid sister is actually my favorite for events, but this cream version is waaay easier to use! A few swipes with a sponge or dense brush and I'm all done with my base. The coverage is medium to heavy, hiding most blemishes with just one thin layer. If you don' want to bother with concealer

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