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Neon school girl

I visited the Ferretti store in Glorietta 1 yesterday and positively ooohd when I saw the new pumps. They're the highest we've come out with yet at 4.5 inches, but of course they're still as lightweight and as comfy as ever. There's a basic black, sky blue, pastel pink, and a true lemon yellow. I bought the yellow as soon as I fitted it!

Forever 21 blazer / Topshop blouse / Ever New skirt / Aldo Revera bag / Pinkbox bangles and headband / Aldo ring

I love it! It's my third pair of pumps from Ferretti (again, yay employee discount).

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NOTD: Baby blue tips

I was specifically looking for robin blue nail polish in the department store, but it seems that I had a misguided notion of what robin blue is. I ended up getting something that's closer to baby blue or even sky blue, but I'm not complaining! The shade looks pretty on my nails.

That does not, however, mean that you won't be seeing a robin blue NOTD one of these days.

The nail polish I used here is from Klik in a shade called Baby Blue. You've probably seen these before - small bottles with a price tag of only P15. It was a bitch to apply since the formula was so streaky and the brush sucked but hey, it's the result that matters right?

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