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Clean & Clear BFF 8 Date

My mom is my best friend - that is, in a mother-daughter sort of way. I don't tell her everything about my life (I wonder how many daughters actually do) but she manages to know me better than everyone else. I'd like to think that's a two way thing!

So when Clean & Clear contacted me about having a date with my BFF at the Mall of Asia, I immediately asked my mom to go. MOA is our favorite mall, and we haven't really hung out by ourselves for some time. Off we went!

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We were asked to do eight fashion/beauty-themed things and use the Clean & Clear BFF 8 Date app on Facebook to document our adventures. We didn't get too creative as my mom was fashionably late for the start of the event (two hours, lol) so I thought that we should just chill and do the things that we usually do when we hang out. And they are:

1. Visiting our favorite personal care store, Watsons. This is always, always our first stop when we go to the mall.

2. Taking outfit photos. Yay! 


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