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Reader Question: Updated top foundation picks

Hi! Can you please post your top foundation picks as of 2013, particularly ones that are great for our humid weather. Thank you! - CM

Hi CM! Great question. I have a newish rotation of foundations so this is quite timely. ^_^ There's lots of amazing bases but there are only a few that I use regularly. This narrow selection is what I feel matches my skin type (combination-oily) and preference (demi matte to dewy) perfectly. They stay on for a minimum of five to six hours which I think is average for face bases in this tropical humidity.

Here are my current favorite foundations. I wanted to list only five but I didn't want to cut down any more than I already have, hehe. Also I have yet to review two products (the Ellana and Happy Skin ones) in this line-up so you'd have to be contented with a summary. :P The rest, you can find full reviews linked to their names.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation (P2,650). This is my most reliable foundation, ever. It looks great no matter how bad my skin looks, it's photogenic, and lasts all freakin' day. It's a pain to apply unless you have a Beauty Blender. So get a Beauty Blender sponge if you want to maximize this particular base.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Compact (P2,400). And here's the no-fuss version of the liquid foundation. This requires very little blending or layers.

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