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Artdeco Blusher in 38 First Love

I wish brands would stop naming their products in numbers and coded letters. It's harder to remember an impersonal "PK238" compared to something like Berry Cherry Strawberry Conundrum, for instance. Or is it just me? Oh but why am I grousing! Today's featured product as part of Blush Week is the Artdeco Blusher in 38 First Love (P550).

This is a warm, peach-pink blush with fine golden shimmer, similar to the famous NARS Orgasm. The difference is that this is more pigmented and leans more towards pink - but you can still see the similarity. This is a blush that can be worn across all skintones. You just need to adjust the intensity, using a smidgen if you're fair, and more layered if you're dark.

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Benefit Fine One One

There are many ways to achieve a healthy flush on the cheeks. My favorite product to get that natural glow, however, is cream blush! Cream blushes give a sort of wet finish to the cheeks, and looks like it's coming from the skin instead of sitting on top. They're also quicker to use than powder blushes since they need no more than fingers for a beautiful blended finish.

One of the latest cream blushes to hit the market is Benefit Fine One One (P1,700). This tri-colored blush in stick form gives a wonderful peachy-coral flush on skin with just a couple of swipes. It has Pink Champagne, Sheer Watermelon, and Soft Coral shades in one tube to give the cheeks some "lift, shape, and pop". I quite agree with this. The well-chosen combination of colors and textures does give cheeks a sort of dimensional look, as if they're plumper (not chubby!) and healthier.

I also love how it makes my skin look brighter. Pink Champagne is a pretty good highlighter by itself, reminiscent of my fave Benefit Watt's Up! (read the review for a mini-tutorial on how to apply a cream highlighter). 

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Benefit turns 1!

It's been over a year since Benefit landed on our shores. Between then and now, oodles of makeovers, cool contests, beautiful eyebrows, and flawless poreless faces have rained down in Manila! I really love this brand, from the cheeky packaging down to the quality of the products. It's rare that I get a miss whenever I try something new from Benefit.

To celebrate its first year in Manila, Benefit held a small event for the press last December 15. The brand also took the opportunity to share its latest lip and cheek product, Fine One One, and a campaign with our local celebs. Stars like Ruffa Gutierrez, Christine Reyes, Alyanna Martinez, Bianca Valerio, Phoem Baranda, and Maggie Wilson got to pose as Benefits iconic characters. You'll see the photos later. ;)

Here are snaps of the event and the 411 on Fine One One!

Bianca Valerio was the lovely host that day EIC Trixie Reyna, I, and Nikki of Askmewhats

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Benefit Hervana Blush: Your perfect pink-peach

I have a little secret: I've been using the Benefit Hervana Blush (P1,600) exclusively since I got it some three weeks back. Yes, I haven't been using any other blush! Why? Because it's the kind of shade that goes with everything, and I mean everything.

Let me explain. The thing with blushes is, you have to match them with the lipstick you're wearing - if you have a peach shade on, you have to wear a peach blush. If you have a pink lip, then wear a pink blush. This is not a strict rule ha but it simply looks better when your lips and cheeks match; it's more flattering to your skintone that way!

Benefit Hervana is awesome because it straddles the fine line between peach and pink and so matches all lip colors you can throw at it. That's just one of its many fine points though. ;)

What I love about the product

  • Hervana is a gorgeous, flattering shade. It's a pink-mauve-peach that should go with fair to medium-dark skintones.  
  • Great staying power! Lasts on my cheeks all day even through the heat, sweat, and oil. I have oily combination skin, btw.
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