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Five expensive beauty products that are actually good bargains

The richest people that I personally know are ironically the most frugal ones out there. If they can save on something, they would. Every cent counts when they’re doing business or just simply purchasing something for themselves! This means that, even if they have the money to buy something (say a designer bag) they won’t do it if it sets them back more than what they get out of the deal (vis a vis personal gratification).

And yet, these people understand the value of high quality products, and spend accordingly. They have cost-per-wear down to a science. So that got me thinking: what are high-end beauty products that are absolutely worth their hefty price tags? I have five suggestions!

Guerlain Meteorites Perles in Teint Dore 03. I reviewed this wonder powder last April 2011. I’ve been using it almost every time I wear makeup. In one year and five months, I’ve only used up maybe 25-30% of the powder! That aside, however, the powder is the best complexion enhancer that I’ve tried EVER. It smoothens and illuminates skin instantly. To do all that you only need a bit of powder. It’s worth P3,000 but for a product that you can use up to three years, that price is a steal.


Benefit Hervana Blush. This is a fantastic blush because it goes perfectly with fair to medium skintones and most makeup looks you can think of. It’s a harmonious blend of peach, pink, and mauve, so it’s very versatile. It’s P1,600 but you get 8 grams of product which will take forever to finish. (The blush has good staying power on skin too!)

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Cheap finds: Ever Bilena cream and glitter eyeshadows

Not gonna lie - I prefer to use premium products over cheaper alternatives. You can call me a brand snob but the fact remains that pricier products look, feel, last, and color better. But hey, that doesn't mean that I don't buy cheap things! I'm still on the lookout for bargains to play with so I always visit Watsons and other beauty stores.

A few weekends ago, I bought some Ever Bilena eyeshadows in Watsons Mall of Asia. I did some major swatching all over the place but these won me over because of their cheap price tags and nice color payoff. They're not quite like the high-end stuff, but for the price, it's really hard to nitpick. 

First off, we have EB cream eyeshadow in Peridot. This is a nice leafy green with gold shimmer. It's not opaque, but it shows up nicely on the lids.

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