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Titas, rejoice: There's a new soothing oil in town, and they're pretty

When we posted about our tita-purse must haves, a lot of our readers shared that they tote around pain and stress relievers, too. Medicines, soothing balms, liniments, essential oils, and even bandages are now part of our purse essentials! To be honest, I wasn’t very surprised; it seems like we all deal with stress and pain on the daily. We may associate pain relievers with the elderly but the reality is any weekday warrior in the metro can do with some stress relief.

Enter Danarra, aromatherapy oils that combine the cooling sensation of a soothing balm with refreshing therapeutic scents! It comes in six variants: Classic Menthol (Destress), Green Tea (Clear Mind), Lavender (Relaxing Sleep), Young (Cool & Fresh), Flowery Citrus (Energy Giving), and Sport (Mood Booster).

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