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Apricot cheeks are love

If you really think about it, it's not natural for morenas to blush. I don't remember ever blushing in my entire life. Pink, healthy cheeks are Western Caucasian concepts. Don't get me wrong, I love my pink blushes - even though they're technically not natural for dark Asian skin, they still look flattering on me. That's the whole point right?

In any case, you know what's natural on dark skin? Peach and apricot!

IMG_9480 by project_vanity.

Peach and apricot are the natural colors that our Asian skin change into when we blush, exert ourselves physically, or tan under the sun. I believe that every girl (Asian or not) should have at least one peach/apricot blush in her makeup arsenal since it could really warm up the skin and even make your face look thinner without the harshness of bronzer or contouring powder.

IMG_9536 by project_vanity.

MAC Cheek and Cheerful Mineralized Blush from last year's Colour Craft Collection

I'm currently loving this blush that I bought from Sophie. I was skeptical of it when I firs

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