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Do you really need anti-pollution skincare products?

When I first started seeing anti-pollution skin care products a few years back, I thought it was just another skincare gimmick - yet another “concern” concocted by the beauty biz to get people to buy new must-have products. I dismissed it as a marketing shtick targeting the urban consumer. After all, shouldn’t I care more about how smog affects my lungs and other vital organs? I already had a reliable skincare routine, so proper cleansing should remove all the grime my skin accumulates through the day.

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Editor's Picks: The Fresh Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence

Fresh has been around for a while (since 1991 to be precise), but I only got to try the brand when it finally became available at Sephora Philippines last year. I swiftly fell in love with the its focus on naturally-derived active ingredients that are not just mere afterthoughts; I can see how clean and tight the formulations are. Fillers are used sparingly - the price tag reflects that - which means that you get exactly what is promised.

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