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The bucket bag that changed everything

When I was younger I had no brand preference when it comes to clothes, shoes, and bags. I just purchased whatever was cheap and looked good at the time, because hey, it's not like I earned a lot of money. I also believed that it was all the same thing, more or less. I'd hate to spend on something that I could get for cheaper.

But through the years I realized that cheaper does not equate to better. My stuff broke down and those that didn't looked outdated, too quickly. So now I'm a little more careful about the things I purchase! I have come to prefer brands that offer the best value for my money - even if they're expensive, I find that I can get more mileage out of them.

But there's another but. Haha. As you know I run my own household and pay my own bills. I like expensive things but I also like being able to pay my rent and keep a healthy savings account. :P That's why I love Rabeanco. The leather is ridiculously smooth, the colors are fairly unique, and the styles aren't something you'd see SM knock off. 

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What's in my bag, January 2014

I was hell-bent on buying an expensive designer bag last month, but thought the better of it. One bag could get me a new Macbook, or that money can go a long way to fund my travel plans. I decided to just add that cash my savings and get a bag that's practical, yet still beautiful.

This blue Rabeanco tote is perfect. It's made of soft, light cow hide leather (smells soooo good), roomy enough to fit anything I'd throw into it, and makes my profile look slimmer. Lol. It's the perfect work bag for my 2014!

I like to call this "Smurf Blue". Haha. I don't know why, I just have this crazy addiction to cobalt and navy blue at the moment! Maybe it's because blue makes my skin look better and brighter than any other color, for some reason. Anyway here's what's currently inside my bag.

Alcohol spray and Watsons tissues. Is it possible to love tissue paper? I love these "mini-hankies" from Watsons. They're super thick and absorbent, unlike other pull-up tissues I've tried before. 

Smart iPhone 5. You're looking at one of my body parts. It's constantly attached to my hands.

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The Rabeanco Sheila Pouch

Quick post! I just wanna pop in to say hello, and happy holidays to you all. ^_^ Hope you're having a grand time so far! I'll be having a staycation with my family in a hotel here in Fort, then probably veg and watch cable TV until tomorrow. All I want is a chill and fun time with my loved ones.

Before I leave, thought I'd show you something I got for myself this Christmas. I think that the best gifts are the ones that you actually purchase for yourself, because no one knows what you want better than you do, right? That being said I finally got something I've been looking for a long time: a pouch wallet.

I'm not that picky with brands when it comes to wallets which is why mine always looks kawawa. But in my defense I really want something where I can jam my cash and coins without thinking, where there's space for my cards. I haven't found something like it in stores - that is, until I saw this pouch from Rabeanco in SM Aura.

It is absolutely perfect.

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