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Don't Miss It: Here's a fun way to shop for luxury beauty with free GCs and games!

What could be more fun than going beauty shopping? Why, shopping with gift certificates, of course! More than getting a straight-up discount, there’s something very satisfying about handing over a bunch of GCs to pay for your purchases. This is the experience that four Luxasia Philippines brands try to recreate with their first ever Beauty Shopping Wonderland in Mega Fashion Hall!

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New Brand Alert: Peter Thomas Roth (plus capsule reviews of the masks!)

Late last year, I wrote about how we PV girls wished we had access to skincare brand Peter Thomas Roth. The beauty gods must have heard our prayers because the brand has finally arrived at our shores! Peter Thomas Roth Clinical Skincare believes in using scientifically proven ingredients at effective concentrations. These include glycolic acid and retinol for anti-aging, and hyaluronic acid for attracting moisture to the applied area. The brand also believes in using botanicals and other ingredients found in nature.

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