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Letter From The Editor: How to deal with your shame about the way you look like

Once upon a time, as a stupid and impressionable young girl, I almost poured boiling hot oil on my head.

It was no accident. When my mother was out of the house, I heated some cooking oil in a pan to pour over my head. You see I’ve been watching these commercials about shampoo with a “hot oil” effect, promising to straighten out curly hair to produce this ultra smooth, ultra straight hair. I wanted to be the beautiful model with the swishy mane that’s so straight a comb just glides down from it! It’s so different from my own voluminous head of wavy, almost curly hair. That was the year I started to intensely hate my hair and the rest of what I looked like. I wanted to change it, so I was going to try this “hot oil” and it was going to look amazing.

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Letter From The Editor: How to be more confident in the year ahead

I was reading a science-fiction novel the other day about a galactic empire that’s on the brink of collapse. The head of the empire is thrust upon the responsibility with little choice, and she expresses doubts about being able to save people in the chaos. She asked one of the characters how she always seemed so confident. The answer, “Confidence is not about knowing you’re right. Confidence is about knowing that you can make it right.”

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Letter From The Editor: How to dream big without being too afraid to try

Around this time last year I was giving a talk at a Belle De Jour event. I can’t remember what the topic was exactly, but it’s somewhere along the lines of mistakes I made that brought me where I am today. (Note to self: I must share that here too!) There was a Q&A portion after the talk. Somebody asked: how does a person know what their dream is?

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