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Save or Splurge: The MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus vs F&S Two-Way Cake

There is something about classic cult favorites that makes us emotionally attached. They always have a special place in our vanity kit that no matter what we do, and we always come back to them. Take the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation for example; it remains a staple in many makeup artist kits because of it can be used alone, wet, and as a touch-up powder.

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Battle of the Local Mascaras: Celeteque, Fashion 21, F&S, Ever Bilena, and Happy Skin

Who doesn't want long and lush lashes? It's an easy way to look more youthful and awake, not to mention they make your eyes look bigger even while wearing glasses. It's no surprise that lash serums, lash lifting procedures, and lash growing DIYs are getting a lot of attention. For a quicker albeit temporary solution though, there's always the option of using mascara!

Several foreign brand mascaras have already made their home in our kits, but how about local ones? Do they perform as well as they promise? Let's find out and shine the spotlight on mascaras from five local brands: Features & Shades, Ever Bilena Advance, Celeteque, Fashion 21, and Happy Skin.

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