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Beauty Roundup: Teviant opens store, a tragic loss for Deciem, and ColourPop’s first ever mascara

Happy weekend, everybody! This roundup has a little bit of everything that happened this week - both good and bad. Teviant has just opened the doors to their first physical store, ColourPop’s newest product has the internet buzzing, and Avon’s latest venture is taking inspiration from the Hallyu wave. We also sadly report on the tragic passing of Deciem founder Brandon Truaxe. Read on for all the details.

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Avon Skin So Soft Fast Hydration Body Gel Lotion in Watermint

How was your long weekend? Mine was very quiet as I just stayed at home painting and working. ^_^ Anyway, this week I thought I'd do Skincare Week, where I will be talking about excellent products you can use to nourish and protect your skin. We all need a few of those! Hopefully this week you can discover awesome additions to your current skincare routine.


To start off, I have a unique find for you: the Avon Skin So Soft Fast Hydration Body Gel Lotion (P330). I've tried quite a host of body lotions but it's my first time to see a legit gel one! I mean, gel face moisturizers are easy to find, but it's rare to see one for the body in the PH. That's why I was pretty excited to hear about this latest innovation from Avon!


So what's up with this gel moisturizer? It literally feels like you're applying water on your skin - it's light, quickly absorbed within seconds, and leaves no greasy residue. It smells very fresh and clean and has this cooling effect due to the alcohol content.

At first I thought that having SD Alcohol-40B in the ingredients list is counterintuitive as alcohol is known to be drying.

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#SeeTheSigns: Join Avon's campaign against domestic violence

A couple of years ago, one of my clients hired a woman to help out with merchandising and operations. I enjoyed working with her because she was smart and always ready to learn - she was such a huge help since the team was very small at that time. However, she quit within the month if I remember correctly. Why? Her boyfriend gave her a hard time about spending too much time working. She started missing work and he started waiting for her to come out of the office like a stalker.

It was a sad situation, and I was sorry that she didn't choose to get out of it. I know it's none of my business but I wrote a lengthy, emphatic email explaining why she shouldn't have left her job for her boyfriend. I told her, if he controls her like this when they're not yet married, imagine how he'd be like once they tie the knot!

Yes, it's none of my business, but sometimes it has to be. There are many forms of domestic violence. It's not necessarily as direct or physically obvious like a black eye - it could be a partner limiting your economic situation like preventing you from keeping a job or cutting you off from your bank accounts/cards. It could be verbal like him telling you you're stupid or incompetent all the time. It could be emotional like him stalking you via text or preventing you from seeing your friends and family. 

Not really

There are signs - except, we tend to turn the other cheek because we don't want to interfere. We don't want to be labeled "pakialamera". I believe that there are boundaries we shouldn't cross and that everybody is entitled to privacy. But there are situations when we shouldn't keep our mouths shut. I mean, if you truly care about someone, shouldn't you be proactive, say something and offer solutions to ger her out of her misery?

That's why I love Avon's global #SeeTheSigns Campaign.

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Avon 8-in-1 Eye Palette in The Metallics

I'm baaaack! Just came from a Nivea press event all the way in El Nido, Lagen Island. The place was breathtakingly beautiful - think clear azure waters, 360-degree views of basaltic islands, and awesome locals. It was an experience that I will never forget! I'll blog about it later but first, I'd like to show you something interesting from Avon. It's the 8-in-1 Eye Palette in The Metallics (P349)!

I believe this came out over the holidays so I can't guarantee that it's still available. It's better to ask your Avon lady! Nonetheless, I think it's interesting how Avon is coming out with even more interesting products and color selections. I mean, just look at this! 

There are three versions of this palette - the one here is all about metallic colors. They aren't THAT metallic to me though; I'd say they look like normal eyeshadows with shimmer. Pigmentation is pretty good, texture is a little rough but workable, and staying power is okay as long as you use a base. 

This palette doesn't blow my mind away, honestly, but it does have one thing going for it: eight pretty colors for only 349 bucks. Observe!

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Lip Gloss Week: Avon Ultra Glazewear Lipgloss

One of the reasons I enjoy doing themed weeks is I get to dig through my baul to look for things to feature. Sometimes, I forget to write about a certain release (due to the volume of stuff I receive), so there's always something interesting to find. For Lip Gloss Week, it's the Avon Ultra Glazewear Lipgloss (P299). I think I've had this since August 2013!

I remember casually swatching this a couple of times, but forgot about it because I was testing out the Avon Vitaluscious Lipstick. Anyway. The Ultra Glazewear is a fairly pigmented collection of glosses that come in rich, eye-catching colors. I like that it's not sticky, but it does feel a bit thick on the lips. 

It flakes minimally as it dries. You can get away with a wearing a lip balm underneath, so go for it if you have dry lips. :) Staying power is average at three hours. It has a gentle caramel scent that doesn't smell cheap to me.

Here be the swatches!

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Eyeshadow Week: New Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quads

Have you tried Avon eyeshadows before? I have, but they were woefully unimpressive last year. The texture and pigmentation needed a lot of work, and the sponge they came with? Useless. I have good news though! Avon has finally refomulated their quads, and I tell you, they are pretty good! 

I've been using them quite often since I got them, so I thought I'd start Eyeshadow Week at Project Vanity with the new Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quads (P449).

The new formula is a lot smoother and more pigmented than before. I also love the sophisticated color selection, and how well each color in the quad goes together. You can get a nice day look by mixing just two colors or a dramatic evening look by combining all four. The darkest shade in each quad is a deep matte that's pigmented enough to be used as eyeliner (wet or dry works!).

Chocolate Sensation is a lovely smoky neutral palette. I love ALL the colors, and I think they'd look good across most skintones!

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Lipstick Week: Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick

I've started a personal blog again. Actually, I planned to move Project Vanity to the latest version of the platform I'm using (Squarespace), but it's STILL slow and there are features I need that aren't available there yet. So, for the meantime, I'm going to use that new space I'm working on to house my personal blog. Just follow my Twitter account @lizlan and you may see links to new posts. ;) 

So. Lipstick Week is back! I know this is one of your favorite themed weeks ever. Mine too actually! I have a few (okay, not a few) lipsticks here that I haven't reviewed yet so it's about time. I'll start with something a little overdue: the Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick (P379). I believe these came out last August, along with a new eyeshadow formula and lip gloss collection.

The Ultra Color Rich lipsticks are all about bright, attention-grabbing punches of color. Where Vitaluscious lipsticks were sheer and moisturizing, Ultra Color has mid- to heavy-coverage that sets in half an hour. The texture is creamy and smooth; it's not moisturizing, but it doesn't dry my lips either. For formulas like this I recommend that you let your lips absorb a thin layer of lip balm first.

It smells sweet, not too much that it offends.

Carnation, Hibiscus, Country Rose Tangerine (sorry I was missing Lava Love while I was taking this photo)

The color pay-off is pretty amazing, but it streaks in some of the shades I have (Carnation and Hibiscus). Lava Love and Tangerine are already opaque in one layer! The other shades need two. That's not much of an effort in any case.

Staying power is average at 3-4 hours. I do like that the brighter ones leave a nice stain. Here are the swatches of the five shades I have!

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Avon 2013 Fall Collection

The Avon Brochure is like an ever-changing, fast-paced shopping mall on paper. There's always something new to look forward to every two weeks, new products and promos that are sure to trigger the shopaholic in each of us. My mom and I love shopping the brochure especially since she's an Avon lady. She doesn't sell but she gets an amazing discount for every purchase! ;) Is that awesome or what? 

Solenn Heussaff for Avon

Anyhoo, today I want to give you a preview of Avon's current and upcoming intimate apparel and jewelry collections. There was a big fashion show held at SM Aura SMX some weeks back, showcasing all the new things to watch out for in your biweekly Avon brochure. The brand also introduced the popular and gorgeous Solenn Heussaff as their new jewelry endorser. Check it out!

Lizbeth Bra

Claudette Bra

Marsha Bra

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Three colognes to try

Do you wear colognes? I rarely do these days because I prefer eau de toilettes due to the better staying power and more complex selections available. Nonetheless, I still appreciate a nice cologne especially if it's affordable. They're perfect for young women who want to smell fresh and pretty without spending a lot of money for a bottle! Colognes don't last very long since they are alcohol-based, but you can just chuck them in your bag and spray as much and as often as you need to. 

I recently came across three colognes that I think you (or your younger niece and cousin) would enjoy. ^_^ I love how effervescent, sweet, and young these scents are. They're just perfect for tweens in elementary and high school, teens in college, and working girls just starting out in their careers. Check 'em out!

Pure n Fresh is known best for personal hygiene products, but a couple of months ago the brand ventured into scents for tweens. Tropical Splash, Blush Berry, and Tangerine Delight are bright colognes that feature luscious fruity combinations. Tangerine Delight is citrusy with mandarin, orange, and apple notes; Blush Berry is sweet with strawberry, pear, and apple blossom; while Tropical Splash is soft and creamy with apricot and peach. 


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Unboxing the Special Edition Avon Glamourbox

Hi folks! How was your weekend? Mine was spent doing absolutely nothing. Nothing. Now I feel terrible after all that inactivity, but in any case this week is going to be an extremely busy one. My face is literally twitching while I think about it. Well. One must soldier on!

Today I'll do a quick unboxing of the latest Glamourbox. Now this one blows all the past boxes out of the water - it contains A LOT of exciting full-sized products from Avon! It even includes a tube of the new Avon Ultra Color Lipstick. The good news is, the box is still available for purchase at the Glamourbox website. I'm sure you'll be convinced to grab one for yourself once you see what's inside.

Okay okay, enough with the suspense. Here's the Special Edition Avon Glamourbox (P595)!

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Lipstick Week: Avon Vitaluscious Lipstick

One week is not enough for lipstick week, it seems! I have three other features in mind for this, but I suppose I can always do another LW in the near future. ;) I decided to end this themed week with a bang, with something that I received just two days ago! I got pretty excited about these lipsticks because I'm a huge fan of the Avon Ultra Moisture Rich line, plus I know how y'all appreciate Avon swatches in particular.

The Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Vitaluscious Lipstick (P299) is the latest addition to the UMR line. It features ten on-trend glossy shades and a moisturizing formula that contains Vitamins B, C, and E. In terms of texture and lasting power, the Vitaluscious is the same as UMR - it's lightweight, slinky, and moisturizing, but it doesn't stay put beyond three hours. That's the trade-off for the moisture so I don't mind. I just re-apply as needed!

The scent is the same as all UMR lipsticks - juicy candied watermelon. I really love this scent, and I hope that they never discontinue it. It smells as expensive and fresh as high-end lippies. 

I do wish that the Vitaluscious could be as pigmented as the Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick. Most of the lippies need to be layered over several times to get that solid color, unfortunately. But again, that's their trade-off for the heavy oil content! Actually, they feel more like glossy lip butters than legitimate lipsticks.

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Love: Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick

I should rename this blog Project Lipstick and stop pretending that I want to write about other things. I have soooo many more lipsticks in line for a feature! But naw, I'm just ribbing you. I do love writing about lipsticks though, since they bring so much color and dare I say joy to my life. :)

Today I want to talk about an affordable yet awesome lipstick line: the Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick (P239). This came out last February I believe. To my great surprise, it has a better formula than the Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick due to its longer staying power and less slinky formula.

Here's the rub!

What I love about the product 

  • The colors are pigmented in two layers.
  • Texture is smooth and creamy, like lip butter. It feels weightless on the lips. 
  • Has less slip than UMR. Formula is more cohesive somewhat so it doesn't slide around if you wear too much. (Hope that makes sense!) This accounts for the better wear time.
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New Avon Skin So Soft Products

My dresser and product storage space are literally close to bursting - and I'm not saying that just to brag. I'm actually in a mild panic about organizing, photographing, and finally using everything I received the past few weeks! I don't know how I can manage all the backlogs what with work plus three events I'm deploying in the next three weeks. -_- Damn I need an assistant.

Anyway! I just want to quickly review the latest Avon Skin So Soft products. I've been a huge fan of SSS since I was in high school, so I'm really happy that Avon is adding more targeted products to the line. My favorite out of the bunch is the Silky Moisture Ultra Moisturizing Body Lotion (P300). It's light and non-greasy, plus it smells like fresh jasmine. That always gets me - I love jasmine in skincare!

There are three new SSS sub-lines:  Soft & White (to help lighten skin), Silky Moisture (for long-lasting moisturization), and Firming & Restoring (to promote vitality and firmness).

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