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Tresemmé makes the cut in Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 2

Last Thursday, I found myself sitting across Joey Mead-King, one of the top models and TV hosts in the country. Two courses were already served but she wasn't touching the food at all. I thought, "So this is how super models keep their figure! Obvs!" But she smiled and said (in the course of the conversation) that she wants to eat, except that she doesn't have lipstick with her. She was just waiting for the program to start so she can stop fussing about it.

Moral lesson: don't assume anything about anybody. And always bring your lipstick for retouching!

Anyway! Tresemmé Philippines announced its partnership with the second season of Asia's Next Top Model. They also introduced the two Filipina supermodels who are among the 16 finalists competing in the modeling reality show.

Katrina Sonja Rodriguez (left) has been modeling for glossies and editorials, but has little experience on the catwalk. She talked about how she had a lot to learn, and how she fell down while she was at the show! It'd be interesting to see how she'd evolve as the show progresses. On the other hand, 20 year-old Jodilly Ignacio Pendre (middle) is already a catwalk veteran. She has the height and the Filipina looks, but will she be able to match up to other veterans in ANTM?

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