The ultimate guide to swimsuit cuts for your body type

Before anything else, I’d like you to know that it’s perfectly okay to choose NOT to wear a bikini. You can wear a ratty old shirt with shorts to the beach and that’s fine; your personal fun and comfort should always take precedence over what you wear. There’s already a lot of pressure from society for both men and women to fit a certain look and meet a certain body shape to be considered sexy. It’s up to you whether to follow the standards, ignore it, or tweak it to match your personal preferences. And if you DO choose to wear a bikini, do so with confidence! Sexy and beautiful comes in all shapes and sizes.

I’ve said my piece, so let’s get down on the easiest guide to choosing the bikini cut for your body type!

If you have a small bust

Flat-chested girls who want to create the illusion of fuller busts can benefit from detailed embellishments around the area. Tops with bold prints, ruffles, bows, and similar details usually do the trick. High neck cuts also present a neat trick of drawing away the attention from the bust and onto the shoulders. Feeling confident with your A-cups? Celebrate them with a tiny bandeau!

If you have a full bust

The heavier your package, the more support you’ll need. Molded cups are your girls’ best friends to make sure they don’t go jiggling overmuch during your summer activities. One-piece corset types are also a good choice if you want to go for a subtly sizzling look. Want to emphasize your assets? A wrap bikini top should do them justice too!

If you're stick-straight

So you’re a little lacking in the curves department. That’s nothing you can’t fix with some strategic cut-outs to give you an hourglass shape. Frills on your bikini top and bottom can also create the appearance of more curves on those areas.

If you have a belly pouch

Rock the retro-inspired swimsuits if you want to hide your tummy. High-waist bikini bottoms will conceal your bulges but still keep you on-trend. An adorable peplum style works the same way.

If you're full-figured

The goal is to make sure you have ample support while highlighting your best curves. Side ruched high-waist bottoms make a smooth soda bottle flow from your boobs to your hips. If you want to hide a few bulges on the other hand, colorblocking is your friend. Want to show off your figure? A loud, colorful print is sure to catch everyone's attention!

If you're pear-shaped

Heavy-bottomed gals carry most of the weight on their hips and thighs, so those are the parts you want to conceal. A skirted bikini bottom that sits just at the widest part should help you out. A deep plunge one-piece minimizes the bottom as well since it draws the eyes upward to the exposed skin. If you want to flaunt your Beyonce hips however, a high-cut one piece is uber sexy!

If your butt is flat

You know the oldest trick in the book: vertical stripes slim down, while horizontal stripes plump up. You can add volume to your behind with a horizontal print bikini bottom. The tendency for girls with flat booties would be to cover up – don’t. Showing a little bit of cheek will give your butt a boost.

And that’s it! If you find yourself falling into more than one category like I did, simply combine the styles you like. These are in no way strict rules that you should adhere to. You should feel free to try on any design that catches your fancy, but don't be compelled to try to make it work if anything makes you uncomfortable. Keeping trying on a lot of different styles until you find the one that makes you feel fabulous about your body. Happy hunting!

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