New Site Feature: Suggest A Topic

Some of us have been conversing for years now, some of us have met, and to the larger number who are still lurkers - hello. Thank you for answering our Beauty Profile Survey, as it truly helped us understand your needs when it comes to looking pretty. Our content will be shaped by the data you share! If you haven't answered our survey yet, it would mean so much when you do!

Aside from the Beauty Profile, we have added a new feature to the site called Suggest A Topic. It's straightforward - if you want us to cover and discuss a particular topic, send it over with a short description. The PV Team will research it and get the necessary products or service to try. While we come up with our own topics, we of course want to know the specific stories you want to see to give you a better reading experience.

Sounds like a deal? Suggest A Topic now! 

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