Staff Picks: Our Go-to summer scents

Just because it's summer doesn't mean we've given up on smelling good. It's something we're conscious about more than anything, because nobody wants to smell sweaty and grimy in just a few hours!

Check out our favorite scents for the season if you're looking for something that might work for you in the hot, hot weather.

Liz (Editor-in-Chief): I have a long list of summer scents (it should probably be a different post entirely haha) but lately I've been reaching out a lot for the Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne. It's so green and fresh, and even when I've sweated out my water supply it still smells fab!

Den (Managing Editor): I have a sensitive nose so I don't really wear fragrances, but this summer I usually smell citrusy, thanks to Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream! The nifty tin makes it easy to bring along and apply on dry patches (my skin has been reacting to the weather), and I love its lemon candy-like scent. I guess I can try applying it to pulse points and use it like a solid perfume!

Stacie: I only wear one perfume all year round, it's the Clinique Happy in Bloom. Last time I checked, it's still available in some Clinique boutiques in the Philippines. It's a very "young and fresh" energizing scent!

Kim: I love stronger scents in the summer because the barely-there, clean perfumes usually don't stand a chance against the heat. Bath and Body Works' Sweet Pea may smell cloyingly sweet off the bottle, but sprayed on and mixed with my body's chemistry, it becomes just the right amount of floral, fruity, and sweet. Immediately turns me into a nice, fun-loving person!

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Marielle: I'm the type to switch up my scent selection for summer. All year round, I like fresh scents, but summer is when I don't mind more pronounced fruity notes. The Body Shop's Satsuma Body Mist has that fresh-sweet combination that I love to spray on right after a bath. It makes me think of tucking into ripe Mandarin oranges!

Images via Nordstrom

Images via Nordstrom

Kisty: I only use one scent and that's the Ralph Lauren Big Pony 2 for Women (pink bottle). I don't know why I love it; all I know is that it smells nice and my boyfriend loves it.

Katsy: For this summer, I'm trying out new fragrances in an attempt to veer away from my all-time fave Marc Jacobs Daisy. I still love it so I'm including the Daisy Eau So Fresh variant with my other two picks, Avon Cherish and Burberry Body Tender.

Jorj: I think my mind is on default summer mode, as far as fragrance is concerned. I naturally lean toward scents that are citrusy and herby, which are very summer-y in a sense. This summer, though, I’m trying out Autograph’s Azure Breeze. It’s not the sweet type of citrus. It’s more woody and musky, which I really like.

So there you go. These are the scents we'll be staying fresh with this summer! How about you? What’s your favorite summer scent?