Staff Picks: Our stay-fresh secrets to surviving the summer heat

You know the weather is bad when you start sweating as soon as you turn off the shower! Sometimes, even sitting directly in front of the aircon doesn't seem to help much, but as busy women who need to get stuff done no matter what happens, we find ways to soldier on without losing our poise. For times when jumping into a pool or even just splashing water onto your face is not an option, we beauty girls can turn to our cosmetics collections to give us some respite from this inferno.  

Liz: The cool feeling of menthol and mint may only be temporary, but I don't see that as a reason not to have it as often as I can in this heat! I love showering with the Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol Shampoo (limited edition) and the Origins Shower Off Exfoliating Body Wash with Hawaiian Mineral Water (love the minty tingle!). For moisturizing, The Saem's Hydrating Soothing Gel feels like a splash of fresh water on my skin!

Crystal: I generally don't use deodorant but during the summer, I feel so sticky that I need to incorporate one into my routine. Dove is a good choice because it's quite mild on my skin and has a thin texture. I carry a facial mist in my bag to help cool off from the heat; I'm currently using this super affordable one I found from a Korean brand called Gahui. I also use light-smelling perfumes that don't react badly with my sweat. One of my summer faves is the popular Incanto Shine. It's a fruity floral scent that I bring around so that I smell good all day.

Stacie: I took interest in the perfume brand CLEAN because my favorite KPOP idols are currently their models in Korea. CLEAN perfumes are exactly as the name describes! They instantly make you smell like you just stepped out of the shower or your clothes just came out of the dryer! Longevity depends on your skin type: my body is quite dry because I do not moisturize often so these last about 2 to 3 hours on me.

Tellie: Summer is tough on my dry skin because a layer of sweat and oil forms on top, yet my skin remains dry and cracked underneath. To combat cracking foundation, I decant a watery toner like Naturie Hatomugi Skin Lotion into a spray bottle, spray and pat it for absorption; and afterwards seal with a translucent compact like Holika Holika x Gudetama Sweet Cotton Sebum Clear Pact.

Gett: To keep cool from the sweltering heat, I have the following on hand: a portable fan (handy especially during the commute); a little bottle of Zenutrients Strengthening Leave-on conditioner to keep my hair nice and smooth and not too fried-looking from the heat; good ol' Johnsons Baby Powder to absorb the excess sweat and to ensure I don't get bungang-araw; oil control sheets to blot my oil spill of a face; and a fresh scent like the L'eau par Kenzo which is light and smells like expensive water lol.

Marielle: I didn't actually change my routine at all this summer, save for switching to a lighter set of skincare products. I can't stand rich moisturizers right now, so I busted out the entire set of The Saem Iceland line to help me out! For the body, I just take twice as many showers.

Katsy: I switched to the Bare Body Wash in Peppermint because of the cooling feeling that adds to the luxury of taking a bath before and after a long, hot summer day. As for makeup, I have taken to just wearing Benefit Porefessional after applying my usual cocktail of day moisturizer + sunscreen. The heat just makes me want to go barefaced as much as possible! Then I blot on the go with the cute and handy Happy Skin Tickled Pink Blotting Sheets to keep shine at bay.

How about you ladies? How do you keep your poise in this heat?