Staff Picks: Lip balms our pouts can't live without

I first started regularly using lip balm in high school because the air conditioning in our classrooms left my lips chafed, and also because it was the closest thing to makeup that our strict Catholic school allowed. Our uniform blouse had pockets so I always kept a Chapstick or Lip Smacker with me and reapplied through the day.

Now that it’s actually part of my job to wear makeup, I’ve come to own way too many lipsticks, but I still stick to just a couple of balms. Both are tried and tested formulas that have saved my lips many times but if you haven’t yet found a REALLY GOOD lip balm that really works, here are a few of our favorites to check out!

Liz: Lip balm is a key part of my routine as I use it not only to moisturize my lips, but also to prime them before makeup! I always apply lip balm after foundation, wait for it to dry while I do my eye and cheek makeup, then finally follow with lipstick. I love the La Mer The Lip Balm for its sweetish taste and slight minty feel, the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Protectant Sheer Tint Stick with SPF15 for the light tint and SPF, and the In Her Element Nourish & Cleanse Balm for intense moisture.

Den: When I’m out and about, tube packaging is the easiest to bring along. Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm with Kokum Butter works very well for me, and I love that the formula seemingly sinks into the lips instead of just sitting there. For more severe dryness though, I pat on Blistex Lip Medex, which doesn’t smell good or look sexy but gets the job done.

Kim: I like In Her Element's Nourish and Cleanse Balm for every night but for intensive healing (when my lips start to rebel against me after a week of liquid lipsticks!), I count on good old Aquaphor.

Claire: My all-time favorites are Burt's Bees lip balms but lately I've been using something I found at Healthy Options: Alba Botanica Very Emollient Sunscreen Lip Care with SPF25. It feels a lot like Burt's Bees lip balms but with added sun protection.

Angela: I have incredibly dry lips and the only thing that has really helped me is my Burt's Bees tinted lip balm. Currently, the Tony Moly Delight Magic Lip Tint has been keeping my lips from drying out, and even gives my lips a natural rose color that I love.

Charlie: My most loved (and repurchased) lip balms would always be from Blistex. I love how they heal my chapped lips and keep them moisturized. It also isn't too greasy or glossy which I dislike about some lip balms. Plus, it has SPF so I know my puckers are protected. Their medicated balms are my usual go-to but I'm trying out a new variant given to me by a good friend, Triple Tropical, which I love just as well because it smells so fruity.

Stacie: I have this gross habit of picking at the dry skin on my lips. I feel bothered when my lips don't feel soft and smooth so I end up peeling the flakes off! As a result, my lips are constantly chapped and bleeding. The best lip balm I have tried is from The Face Shop called Lovely Me:Ex I'm Shea Butter Lip Care Cream, but sadly TFS PH doesn't carry it anymore (please bring it back!) so I've been making do with a regular Carmex tube. It doesn't have mint, so that's the best selling point for me aside from moisturizing and healing properties.

Marielle: Nivea Vanilla & Macadamia Lip Butter never leaves my nightstand. It is inexpensive, effective, and smells amazing! I mostly put lip balm on before bed, and this one stays on and keeps my lips moist 'til I wake up in the morning. I also like the buttery texture/consistency!

Gett: I've recently discovered Nature Republic's By Flower Lip Essence. It gives a good shot of moisture and has SPF! For those really dry days, I mask my lips with Aritaum's Ginger Sugar Overnight Lip Mask at night. Technically not a lip balm but this gives me moisturized, smoother lips overnight and I just can't be without it anymore!

Jenn: My go-to lip balm is Nivea's Soothe and Protect Lip Balm. It glides smoothly on my lips and manages to moisturize them without leaving a thick, heavy feeling. The SPF 15 in it is a neat bonus!

Crystal: My best lip balms are Fresh and Miller Harris, which were pasalubong from London. These two are really moisturizing and heal my cracked lips, stat! I use the former during the day because it has SPF 15, and the other before I go to bed so I wake up with moisturized lips.

Is lip balm a staple in your beauty routine? What's the best one you've tried so far?