Staff Picks: Products we’ll likely never use again

Certain products get raves from beauty gurus and real friends alike but sometimes, somehow, they just don’t work FOR YOU. It sucks but it’s just one of those things that you have to accept as a unique person with a unique set of needs and restrictions. In fact, having the same skin type and condition as someone else who has tried the product doesn’t even guarantee that you’ll experience the same results that they did.

And so we thought of talking about beauty finds that simply did not work for us, for some reason. Let this serve as a reminder that we must always take reviews online with a grain of salt, and (if possible) test the product first before purchasing. Here goes!

Liz: I'm pretty forgiving and open-minded when it comes to testing products. I've been doing this for eight years and I've found out that often, people won't know how to apply the product properly or choose what is right for their skin. The L'Oreal Super Liner Blockbuster though remains to be a tough nut to crack. It has a large, and I mean a LARGE tip that is unwieldy and seemingly impossible to work with! Imagine the cheap markers you buy for a white board - that's how thick and hard the felt tip is.

The formula of this liquid liner also smears like something else. I love most L'Oreal things but this one was a dud for me.

Claire: I was overjoyed when I found this always-out-of-stock charcoal mask at Daiso. The rave about this product online was unbelievable, and it was getting glowing reviews both locally and abroad. I thought I had nothing to lose, aside from a measly P88. I was ready to shell out serious moolah for a product that can remove whiteheads from my nose and chin area but this budget-friendly seemed like a fantastic deal. I couldn't resist!

However, it did NOT work for me – it was a pain to remove, left my nose red, and burned my chin to a grayish black! I desperately wanted this to work so I tried it again with a thicker layer, applied with a brush, and sped up the drying process with a hair dryer on cold blast. Still the same results. I still kept the tube though, hoping I could somehow find another use for it. Got any suggestions?

Stacie: I rarely get pimples from using a product, so I didn’t question why I had a serious breakout on my forehead a couple years ago. I had big red angry pimples and doubted the contents of my entire vanity, except for the culprit: my facial cleanser. The Holika Holika King of Bean cleansing foam escaped from getting thrown out until I started using another cleanser and my skin cleared up! The large tube and cheap price were great point but sadly, it just didn’t work out. Luckily, it works well as a brush cleaner!

Karla: I have super sensitive skin so when I find a product that works, it's all I use. If it causes me to break out, I stay as far away as I can. Though I’ve had a bad experience using their facial washes, I was still super excited to try their new makeup line! Celeteque’s 24-H Photoready Liquid Foundation applies beautifully on the skin with a sponge and gives me that flawless finish...but, boy, did it make me break out! I got all these little bumps on my forehead and texture on my cheekbones, I couldn't believe it!

Gett: It's a cult favorite among many women, but I just can't get on board the Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil. I bought it to incorporate it in my skincare routine, but I find that it's too rich on my oily skin, and it breaks me out.

Charlie: Being a lip tint addict, I fell into the peel-off lip tattoo craze and got myself the Monomola Long Lasting Lip Color. It promised a long-lasting and even stain so I was stoked! Unfortunately, the scent threw me off immediately as it smelled like strong soap and lingers as you apply it. It also didn't give me that evenly stained lips as I'd hoped. I wish it worked for me but sad to say, regular lip tints just work and smell better.

Crystal: I'm a Philosophy girl, so I was really looking forward to owning one of their bestsellers, the Microdelivery Wash. Within a few weeks after I had opened it, I noticed that the exfoliating beads had melted away! Now it feels just a regular facial wash, which I plan to use it until it's empty but I won't repurchase again.

Kim: I wore the Poise Liquid Matte Lipstick twice and never picked it up again. While the color that I have is lovely, it takes forever to dry down and the formula isn't a true matte. It didn't help one bit that it tastes and smells weird. For something that's priced at Php 1,250, it fares poorly next to more affordable options.

Some PV staffers also opted out of this question. Here’s why!

Marielle: I don't really have products that I've sworn off of. Even when something isn't my favorite, I'll find one way or another to finish it up because I hate wastage. It's always, "Oh, it's meh/average/mediocre." But I'd use them if they're already there.

Tellie: As harshly as I rant against certain products that disappoint me, I don't think I have a Beauty Blacklist. I always cling to the thought that X Product might not work now, but can work in different climates, hair conditions, using a very specific technique, or while on a certain kind of diet (?!). I am borderline superstitious sometimes, but I can't help it!

Katsy: I actually don't have a product that I feel against so strongly to merit being the one I'll never use again. There are those I won't repurchase because of price, etc. but none so far that I will never use again.

Has this sort of thing ever happened to you before? What products were you using?