Splurge vs Save: This Love Beauty And Planet lotion smells almost exactly like Lush Sleepy

Remember when Lush Sleepy became viral online? People claimed that this body lotion helped them sleep within twenty minutes of application! I thought that was incredible. My professional opinion is that the lotion banks on its sweet lavender vanilla scent to relax people and leave the rest to the power of online suggestion. Otherwise it’s a normal body lotion in terms of composition. If it works for you (in terms of improving your sleep), that’s great! It’s a lovely lotion and quite enjoyable to use if you like the scent. If it didn’t work for you then, I am sorry to hear that you spent P925 on false hype.

Personally, while I thought that claims made by others about Lush Sleepy were a bit much, I truly like how it smells and how light its texture is. The vanilla-lavender scent (with a tiny hint of peppermint) is strong so a small amount goes a long way. It feels like a treat when I apply it just because I enjoy the scent so much!


Honestly though that P925 price tag for only 225 grams is too expensive for a body lotion, for me.  So imagine how pleased I was when I  first applied the Love Beauty And Planet Argan Oil and Lavender Lotion (P390 for 400ml) and found the smell to be almost identical to Lush Sleepy! That was a happy discovery indeed. It doesn’t smell quite as rich or as warm as Sleepy but the same vanilla/lavender scent blend is there.


In terms of lotion performance, the texture of LBAP’s lotion is thicker and it feels more moisturizing than Lush’s. The former is better for dry skin, however I wouldn’t use it in day time in the height of Philippine summer if you have oily skin. 

Nevertheless, I would highly recommend the Love Beauty And Planet lotion to anyone who’s looking for a save version of Lush’s Sleepy. It may not make you snooze in 20 minutes, but it has the same scent! It’s available in supermarkets and department stores.