Reviews + Swatches: The hottest new products from Smashbox

Smashbox is quieter in this part of the world, but make no mistake, it is a brand we should all keep an eye on. Their bases are usually superb - I've tried several of their concealer and foundations through the years, loved them all - while their color makeup are quite intense. Thought I'd let you know my thoughts on their latest releases here in the PH!

Watery, very runny liquid foundation is not a new thing, but it's the first time I've heard it labeled as "BB water". I think it's genius the way Smashbox's latest foundation is called, because it hits two birds with one stone: it accurately describes what it is while making a not-so-new formula sound exciting once more.

The Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water (~P2,200) contains antioxidants, SPF, and surprisingly good coverage considering how thin the texture is. It's exactly what a BB cream should be! It's the kind of product that makes my skin feel nice when I wash it off after a day of wear. Even though it has a watery texture, it doesn't come off with sweat and transfers only minimally. I'd say the staying power is about 6-8 hours on combi skin.

I have the shade in Fair/Light which I thought would be too light to match my medium skin, but it works. It's not an exact color match but the coverage is sheer enough that it's not too obvious. And yes, it is sheer, but it diminishes imperfections such as lines and pores, and makes skin look like the best version of itself with a satin finish. I like to think of it as a skin tint since it's that kind of invisible foundation that works behind the scenes to fool the eye.

The BB Water comes in a bottle with a dropper cap. It's not my favorite packaging for foundation but it's functional enough!

Overall, I love how the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water looks and stays on my skin. If you've always wanted lightweight foundation, you'll adore this one. Actually come to think of it it's just like cushion foundation - without the cushion. Yeah. It even smells like it. You can definitely add a few drops of this to your cushion makeup when it starts to feel dry. ;) Just remember to still use sunscreen beforehand! 

Next up are the Smashbox Be Legendary Lipsticks (P1, 150) in two new matte shades. These are highly pigmented, opaque lipsticks that are creamy and non-drying. Did I say they were matte? They last for like six hours and does not go away completely even after eating and drinking. I'd go for these lippies if I want color that lasts on my lips with minimal prep and fuss!

I have Magenta Matte, a cool magenta pink, and Fireball, an intense orangey red that no one can miss in a room. Magenta Matte is honestly an off-season color that'd work much better on lighter skin. Fireball, however, is right on the money as this kind of shade is trendy at the moment.

Last but certainly not the least, I have the Smashbox Photo Angle Pure Pigment Gel Liner in Jet Black (~P1,200). Phew, what a long name! It's just like Benefit's gel-liner-in-a-pen, with a slanted silicone tip that dispenses the product. It's a matte, truly black liner that just stays on and on and on. I've played tennis in this (again, my fave way to test makeup these days) and it does not come off. It will fade a little bit but it would still be presentable after a game!

Now, okay, I love how much work was spent into this revolutionary packaging that applies eyeliner so precisely but I have never been best friends with click pens. I seem to over-twist them and waste so much product in the process. I would rather use a gel liner in a pot and deal with an extra brush honestly. But hey, if you love gel liners and want to be able to use them AND retouch on the go, these pens are the next best thing.

Overall, the formula of this liner is superbly black and long-wearing, no complaints. Get it if you enjoy this type of packaging! Can't deny the convenience, at the end of the day.

And that is that. ^_^ Hope you enjoyed my capsule reviews on Smashbox's latest! You can find Smashbox in Beauty Bar, branches here. You can also shop online.

What do you think of these new finds?