Six weird but popular finds at Althea Korea

Althea is my favorite place to shop for cool and hard-to-find Korean cosmetics and skincare, but if one digs deep, there are strange products which can't be spotted anywhere else. We didn't think we'd need them, but knowing they exist suddenly makes us want them! Here are six weird finds that are surprisingly popular in the store.

Honey Snail Ultra Moisturiser (P440). Snail mucus as a beauty ingredient is a novel concept still, no matter how long we've known about it. This moisturizer is different because the snail secretion is combined with honey to promise the best anti-aging and moisturizing results! It's quite, well, slimy in texture but once it's spread out it doesn't feel sticky at all. The cream has a mild powdery scent that gives no clue as to its icky star ingredient.

Lala Rose Day Inner Gel Cleanser (P300). This product seems to be out of stock currently at Althea PH, but it's still available in their Malaysia store. This cleanser is designed to make your v smell like roses - literally - while gently cleansing that delicate area. 

Lala Secret Oil (P635). This makes us giggle! According to the description, a drop of this rose-scented oil in your panties can make them smell like there's a floral party down there. There are two other variants available if you're not into rose scents, namely Jasmine and Ylang Ylang! Y'all know what Coco Chanel said: put perfume where you want to be kissed. *wink*

Herb Warm Pack (P150). You know how our moms would place a hot bottle on our bellies whenever we have period cramps? These self-heating packs do the same but without the hassle. It has a herby, relaxing scent to it and a steady warmth that should help with the dysmenorrhea. Whodathunk? Just open a pack and slip it on top of your shirt (but tucked under your pants/skirt). It's not recommended to apply on bare skin due to the heat. One pack has three single use pads!

Slice Mask Sheet (P100). Face masks need not be boring white sheets - you can definitely have fun with them! Some masks have cute animal prints, which we have featured previously. Other masks come in cute fruit and vegetable slices! The Slice Mask Sheet comes in cucumber, tomato, and lemon. They smell exactly like their namesake and are perfect for selfies.

Gong Ji Hair Pack (P140). If you're so done with split ends, try this mask for your hair. It can be worn outside if you roll your hair under a cap or bun so you can do errands while you're masking. Hay Koreans - what will they think of next!

So there you go. ^_^ Did anything pique your interest? I find the panty oil hilarious but practical! I love the concept. I'm thinking of scenting my underwear drawer with it just because.