Six big changes I've made to my beauty routine recently

I'm open-minded when it comes to trying beauty products but I admit that I can be stubborn about a few things, too. The first half of this year however saw me changing my mind about certain products that I thought didn't really like. I mean, I knew I needed them and I do occasionally bother with them but I didn't see just how valuable they were until I gave them a chance. 

Some people might not think these changes are a huge deal but for me they are. Here are six things I do differently now!

Lip liner *gasp* is actually super useful

Before I would only wear lip liner if I absolutely did not want to re-apply my lipstick for the next five or six hours. And that happens...almost never! What's a few seconds refreshing my lip color, right? But I realized that lip liner does more than just extend the wear time of any lipstick. It makes my lips prettier and fuller in a jiffy. I've also found good formulas that are a breeze to apply and don't dry out my lips! Shoutout to the Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Pencil and the Kylie liner in Posie K.

False eyelashes make all the difference in a home-run FOTD

Guys, exaggerated eyes are key when you really want to create a drastic change in your appearance. Falsies to me are non-negotiable now whenever I know I'll be photographed or under bright lights. They used to be a source of frustration before. I'd take 30-40 minutes just putting them on and almost gouging my eyes out in the process. But after I've found a good glue and a lightweight set of lashes (both from Bohk Toh as it happens) I've reduced my application time to about 10 minutes! I use the P-036 Bohk Toh lashes FYI. (Available in the Nippon store)

Highlighting is better than contouring in the context of everyday makeup

Highlighting was just an afterthought previously. I have a wide face so contouring was kinda a no-brainer! But the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector (Pressed) in Opal turned me around. It gives me cheekbones, defined brows, and a higher nose in just a few taps plus it looks more natural in person compared to brown contour. Call it strobing or non-touring - doesn't matter, it makes my bone structure stand out more efficiently and naturally.

Cushion makeup is so much more convenient than bottled foundation

What's inside cushion compacts are really just watery liquid foundations, so there's nothing new about that. What makes cushions so game-changing is the fact that both the sponge dispenser and applicator make the process of putting on LFs easier and quicker. These days I almost always pick up a cushion compact for my base! I ordered A LOT recently (even empty compacts) from Althea too so I'm excited about that.

Waterproof mascara is no match for cleansing balm

I'm a micellar water girl through and through. For waterproof mascara though, I find the Banila Co. Clean It Zero Balm an excellent remover, almost melting off tough formulas with just a bit of massaging. I've tried a couple of cleansing balms before but none were as powerful as Banila Co's! You're missing out if you haven't gotten on this little bandwagon.

Oils are more potent than lotions and creams

There was a time when I was all about ultra light moisturizers but these days I've been using oil both on my face and body a lot more often. Lotions and creams have a base with oils as active ingredients; why not get the full dose with a really good oil? Oils are not uncomfortable or greasy to have on the skin if you find the right products. I love the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse for my body and the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Serum for my face!

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Have a great weekend y'all! Let me know about the changes you've made in your beauty adventure recently.

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