Love: Shiseido Baby Powder

The Shiseido Baby Powder (JPY 280 or PHP 103 converted) is one of those products that have always floated around online beauty stores and forums. It's a translucent, initially white powder that's designed to avoid diaper rashes and excessive sweating in babies. Enterprising beauty fiends however have early on discovered that it's great for controlling oil and setting makeup. I didn't believe that, until I tried it myself.

This was actually an impulse buy. It was my last night in Tokyo and I was checking out the HAC store in Ikebukuro for last minute finds and pasalubong. I spotted this big basket full of the Shiseido Baby Powder and I just had to get it since it was only 280 yen. I mean, it's just a little over a hundred pesos! I might as well grab one at least. Online stores are selling it for P400 up!

So glad I got one. This powder is reminiscent of those HD powders but just not as finely milled. I was thinking that it would give me a white cast - nyet! It melts onto the skin almost as soon as I buff it in. It keeps me shine-free for a good four hours, something that's a joy to have in this weather.

I use it either before my powder foundation or after as a finishing powder. I immediately set my wet base with it before putting on a tinted powder for heavier coverage. Sometimes it goes after my powder foundation if I want a smoother look.

Swatch of the  Shiseido Baby Powder

Swatch of the Shiseido Baby Powder

Wearing the  Shiseido Baby Powder  to set my makeup here.

Wearing the Shiseido Baby Powder to set my makeup here.

The packaging is kinda hassle since the top screws in and out, and there's no mirror, but you do get a LOT of powder - 50 grams! That's very generous. ^_^ I don't use the puff to apply the powder btw. A proper powder brush, preferably something not overly dense, should get you the best finish.

Overall, I highly recommend the Shiseido Baby Powder to anyone who's looking for a cheap, translucent powder that meshes well with oily skin. Grab it if you see it in Japan or even locally (if it's at a reasonable price)! And yes this is definitely made by Shiseido. It's not fake at all but part of the brand's drugstore lineup. Confusing no? Don't be surprised when you see other Shiseido stuff such as the curler at a cheap price. It's not the same as the high-end one but it does the job.

Have you tried this powder before? Where did you get it and how do you like it?