Review + Swatches of all 20 shades: The Sephora Rouge Lacquer Lipstick

Hello, my name is Liz and this is my 5392830th entry on glossy lipsticks so far this year. Kidding, I didn’t post that much! But I have been writing quite a bit about shiny lips recently. Liquid matte lipstick is so 2016, you know? Beauty trends swing like a pendulum and trends definitely have a finite lifespan - that is, until they’re refreshed in the next half decade or so.

(Of course, if you like it and you feel great wearing it, then who cares what’s hot or not?)


Anyway, today I want to talk about something new called the Sephora Collection Rouge Lacquer Lipstick (P745 at This line is all about shine, shine, shine! It looks like a lip lacquer but comes in a tube that has a buttery melt-on-your-lips texture. There are 20 shades available from demure to intense so there’s sure to be a color for you.

Let me do a quick rundown of the product!

What I love about it

  • The formula is comfortable to wear on the lips; there’s no need for lip balm anymore due to the hydrating, balmy texture of the lipstick. This is going to be a treat on dry lips! It’s also more forgiving appearance-wise for those who have flakes and texture.

  • The finish is glossy and it makes the lips look juicy, even if I have a lot of lip lines.

  • You get full-on color, and most of the shades are fairly opaque and apply evenly.

  • There are twenty shades available, and they’re all gorgeous.

  • There’s no taste or smell I can sense.

  • The packaging! I love the multi-faceted bullet as it reflects light so prettily in all angles. It’s sleek and feels premium even at an affordable P745 price tag.


  • This has a balmy, hydrating formula, so unlike other waxy lipsticks with a matte or satin finish, it has less of a staying power. It’s average at 2-3 hours before I need to retouch. The brighter, more intense shades leave a nice stain while the deepest shades like L06 and L01 will fade from the center rather unevenly. It’s easy to retouch though as the lipstick doesn’t flake or get patchy so I don’t mind the staying power as much. This is a lip product I would wear for the finish + color.

What I don’t like about the product

  • The ten most wearable shades are a breeze to apply because I don’t need to be precise. However, for the other ten (the reds, and plums), the fat flat tip is difficult to work with. I get OC about my edges so it was a challenge to get these more intense/deeper colors within the lines. I would recommend using a lip brush!

Color notes

My favorite shades are:

  • L14 Visionary, a pretty daily coral shade.

  • L13 CEO, a flirty warm pink that brightens skin.

  • L20 Squad Goal, a great neutral nude on my medium warm skin.

  • L04 Empowered, my perfect red. There are a few reds in this collection (they look similar except for changes in the undertone) but I’d say Empowered is the most versatile and striking of them all!

  • L01 Power Suit, a blackish plum that actually works really well for me. It’s a bit patchy which is annoying but a matching lip liner should keep it together better. This also stains heavily; even after double cleansing with oil and facial wash, I still have some plum color remaining on my lips for the rest of the evening. This shade isn’t for everyone, but I love that it’s unique! I wore it to an event the other day and EVERYONE asked me what I had on. Watch this video to see what I mean! If you want Power Suit but aren’t sure, L06 Who Run The World? is similar but more wearable i.e. less blackish.

The Verdict

Honestly, at this point, I’m sure you’re already drowning in lipstick as a loyal Project Vanity reader. Do you need one (or three) more? That depends! How’s your lacquer/gloss/shiny lipstick game? Did you like any of the 20 shades above?

Personally, I am all about shiny lips this year, and I’m loving the focus on hydrating formulations. I love the Sephora Rouge Lacquer Lipstick because it has beautiful colors, comfortable (if not long-wearing) wear, and the packaging sparks joy for me. The P745 price is pretty good too. It’s not cheap, but it’s not MAC pricing either! I would definitely keep a few for my personal collection and I know I’ll be using these a lot in the coming months.

Let me know what you think, as always!