Me, My Selfie and I: Five tips on how to #UpYourSelfieGame

Let’s face it: we live in a world where selfies are basically the new calling card. They flood all our social media accounts, making them practically impossible to avoid. We even post  #wokeuplikethis photos when in reality, it took 30 minutes, 5,000 shots, 20 different angle changes, eight poses, and three different filters to get that perfect Instagram post. Not so effortless.

But hey, it's fun and it's great to get a few (or in some cases, thousands) of likes to feel a boost of confidence. Having perfect selfies isn't exactly a necessity, of course, but it is nice to be able to immortalize a day when you felt pretty damn fine.

So, how do celebs do it? Why are they slaying the #SelfieGame, posting shot after shot of complete gorgeousness and angle perfection? We asked a few personalities if they'd be willing to share their secrets to the perfect selfie. This is what we found!

Tip#1: Find the light

Christiana Collings is no stranger to the Instagram world because of her amazing shots and Pinterest-worthy feed. With a fun, spunky attitude and gorgeous face, it’s no wonder that she has over 68,000 followers on her account. When I asked her about her secret she said: “The secret to a perfect selfie is definitely the lighting!”

Oh how true! Lighting plays a big part of how your selfies are going to turn out. Natural light is the best form of light, as it is bright enough to enhance the colors and pick up all the details but soft enough to blur those pores. Plus, it makes editing and adding filters easier.

How about night-out selfies though? The solution lies in phone cases that have external LED lighting so that you can still take great selfies even in the dark. Christiana reveals that she bought a LuMee case over four months ago for her phone and hasn’t taken it off since.

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Tip #2: Know your angle

Another great tip for acing that perfect selfie? You need to know which pose makes you look your best. As blogger and model Jackie Go says in her blog, “Use natural light and find your angle!”

It’s important to note which angle of your face is most flattering for a shot because not only does it save you time from taking a million takes but it also ensures that you will be more confident with your selfie. Not sure what your angle is? Use your camera to take shots of your face from the left and the right side, and then compare the photos and see which one looks better. Being able to angle your body is another great tip to nailing that perfect selfie. The quarter angle is the most flattering way to position your body, and keeping your arms away from your torso helps them look slimmer. It may feel a little awkward to hold an unnatural pose but it looks better and you get used to it with practice. Take it from Jackie: once you’ve got your angle down, your selfies will definitely be fiercer.

Tip #3: Apply some filters

No matter how well we take our selfies, sometimes they need a little help from apps and filters. When I asked actress, artist, former VJ, model and designer Heart Evangelista-Escudero about her secrets to taking and posting the perfect selfie, she revealed, “Insta size it, add a little Chrome filter, and keep your hands steady!”

Wise words from one of the most beautiful faces in the country! With over 1.1 million followers on Instagram to back up her tips, Heart definitely is on to something when it comes to adding a little extra before hitting the post button. The key to keeping the balance and quality of your selfies is also to not go overboard when it comes to filters. By adjusting the level of the filter, you are able to compliment the original photo and give it that extra kick. Also, make sure to avoid any blurry shots! InstaSize: Android | iOS

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Tip #4: Use a photo editing app

Another well-loved and often used app is Snapseed. Fashion blogger Vern Enciso swears, “I love Snapseed because it’s easier to correct color with!”

Whether you need to reduce the redness of your skin or enhance the color of your clothes and makeup, Snapseed allows you to sharpen, edit and recolor your pictures. It offers more options than what's available on the Instagram app, so you can edit photos to perfection. Snapseed: Android | iOS

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Tip #5: Touch up some makeup

Need a brighter lip, pinker cheeks, or fuller brows? The Facetune app allows you to put on makeup, AFTER you've already taken your photos. It's not a free download but it is definitely worth every peso you spend. Ever wondered how people get those perfectly white flat lays? Or take super detailed pictures using just their cellphones? Well, Facetune has all of those features and more! It has a Whiten tool (can be used for flat lays and background shots, others use it to whiten their teeth), Detail Enhancement tool (perfect for those crisp shots), and even a Patch tool to aid in reducing skin redness and blotchiness. FaceTune: Android | iOS

What are some of your favorite apps? Do you have any selfie tricks or tips?