Bye instant noodles: Here's how to save up for your next beauty splurge

by Marianne Raterta, contributor

Is it just me, or are makeup companies releasing products at breakneck speeds? By the time you finally make your way to the store for a #swatchfest, they're already teasing a fresh new release! It feels like my wish list keeps getting longer by the day, and my wallet's simply relegated to holding receipts. 

While some struggle with a shopping addiction, the rest of us are left staring at counter displays and phone screens, dreaming of a day when we can finally walk away from the register clutching the newest addition to our collection. But don't just keep dreaming, girls and boys! Whether it’s something new or long overdue, there is a way to Treat Yo' Self without running out of cash to pay the bills and eat real food (no, instant noodles aren't real food). You do need to do a bit math, some restraint, and loads of patience, but the #haul it will (literally) afford you will be worth it!

Cut back on non-essentials

Admittedly, it’s a bit of a hassle to take note of where EVERY single peso you make goes but it will help you figure out how much spend in a day and what you spend it on. Write it down on a notebook as soon as you can, or get a budget tracking app for your phone. I personally use the Money Manager Expense & Budget app for Android but you can also check out other free finance tracking apps like MintGoodbudget and Wally.

Now that you can see how much you spend on things like food and transportation, is there anything you can cut back spending on? Maybe you can brew your own coffee at home (and save on calories), or use carpooling to your advantage (and save on gas and carbon emissions). Examine your expenses and check where you can trim off spending, because every bit of cash saved can be funneled towards your splurge fund instead! 

Lock it away

Whether you stash your cash in the bank, in labeled envelopes, or even a piggy bank, it's probably a good idea to make it as difficult to get to as possible. You can opt to use a passbook instead of an ATM card, and use a container that's difficult to get into. Some people go as far as entrusting their funds to others, but that practice has its risks. Besides, it's good for you to be responsible for your own finances and you get an important lesson in self-control.

Chart your goals

Are you a visual learner? It may help you to "see" how your money is growing! Tape a chart where you can always see it and mark it every time you make progress. It's a good idea to list down very specific goals (the actual products you want) rather than simply having a target amount. Also, try to keep your goals list to just a few items or at an amount that you can save in two to three months. Having too much can make you feel impatient and frustrated, which takes the fun out of looking forward to your purchase. 

Research, research and research

Impulse-buying can be a beauty enthusiast’s Achilles's heel. When so many people rave about a product, we want to have it and we want to have it now! Don't let your emotions get carried away. Dig deeper than all the rave blog posts, or even try looking for posts that actually rant about it. You want to have a complete idea of what the product is really about, which can help you decide whether to splurge or get a cheaper alternative.

Ask friends about their experience with the product or go to online beauty communities. At PV, we love it when readers chime in on their experiences with the products we've reviewed, even when their experiences are different from our own. After all, different people can get different reactions.

If you're lemming after a premium product, go ahead and visit their store. Brands like Origins and Estée Lauder offer free demos, or you can try the testers and ask for a sample. Just don't be abusive, of course, and avoid hoarding samples!

Hide your paycheck

It’s very tempting to run off to the mall once you get your salary but try to keep a clear head - you have your obligations. Pay off or set aside cash for the most important things first (we mean food and basic utilities, not that gorgeous highlighter palette) before spending any of it on non-essentials. If you can, dedicate a specific amount of each paycheck for your Splurge Fund so you don't end up spending the extra money on eating out or going to movies. Yes, it can come down to deciding whether between makeup and a night out with friends, so your #priorities will definitely come into question.

If you're really really really dying to get some new makeup, you can get yourself a mini treat. We have a lot of budget beauty picks that can help with your itch but whatever you spend will be deducted from your splurge fund. This will help you stop yourself from losing sight of your goal, spending on cheap buys, and relying on unhealthy cheap food because you blew your cash.

Are there any other money-saving tips that you swear by? What big beauty splurges are you saving up for?