Splurge vs Save: Wearable Rose Quartz Lipsticks

Pantone describes Rose Quartz as a warm, embracing rose tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure. I've always loved this sort of pink, so I'm glad to find two different lipsticks that I feel matches the description. I've taken a bit of a liberty in my choice though because I wanted to present to you a wearable and thus warm pink; pale, milky pinks don't suit Asian coloring all that well!

The color of the Shiseido Veiled Rouge in PK405 is remarkably similar to the L'Oreal Glossy Balm in Innocent Coral. They even feel almost the same, with their hydrating, buttery texture, except Shiseido is creamier since it's more of a traditional lipstick. The Glossy Balm is a balm stain but it's as pigmented as a typical lipstick, which makes it such a great drugstore find. Both lippies stay on for about 3 hours - average for this type of formula.

I don't have the exact prices at the moment but the Glossy Balm should be roughly P500 while the Veiled Rouge is around P1,300.

Innocent Coral isn't so coral on me - I think it's what Rose Quartz would be if it was translated as a lip color for Asian skin. It's a warm pink with fairly full coverage. I like how shiny and glide-y it is because honestly, matte/creme lipsticks can be a drag to wear on a daily basis. If I were just stepping out, I wouldn't bother with perfecting a solid application.

PK 405 is a slightly cooler pink compared to Innocent Coral. It has a lot of fine sparkly bits which contribute to its brilliant finish. The sparkles are not that visible unless you look closely so I don't mind! The finish makes my lips look youthful.

So there you go, two Rose Quartz options that you can easily find locally. ^_^ What's your pick?