Love: Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor

Truly matte, zero shine lip finishes are beautiful, but they they are not exactly the most comfortable to wear. That's the pay off for having absolute opacity and staying power! Brands know this, so they created a "modern"  type of matte: velvety and not entirely devoid of shine, yet with a smooth, hydrating texture.

The latest version of the modern matte is the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor (P575). These glide on like butter and sit on the lips comfortably. They never feel tight or cracked, like how most matte liquid lipsticks would be after they set. But then again these aren't your typical matte liquid lippie. They're not quite exactly matte.

The HD Matte has a bit of sheen when freshly applied, and retains some of it even after it has settled. It gets less and less obvious as the minutes pass. To be fair I am taking these pictures in bright lighting, so the sheen is more obvious, but it is much less so in person.

Correction: The red shade is  Passion , not Love. There eight available shades!

Correction: The red shade is Passion, not Love. There eight available shades!

Seduction is a warm beigey nude that totally works with my medium yellow skin. Temptation is a bright happy pink that looks chic and effortless, while Passion is a sexy classic deep red. These are excellent colors for morenas, ones you can't really go wrong with!

Seduction, Temptation, and Passion

Seduction, Temptation, and Passion

Opacity is possible in just two layers. Staying power ain't too bad at about 3-4 hours without eating and drinking. It transfers but a good amount stays on the lips. Once it fades, there will be a nice stain left over if you're wearing a strong color.

The liquid has a sweet candy smell to it which doesn't bother me. The wand is efficient and doesn't pick up too much product; the color never feels goopy even after a couple of layers. It also doesn't flake.

Overall, the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor is a great buy if you love matte lipsticks but can't stand the discomfort. This has a bit of sheen but it's really not that obvious once it dries more. Loving the smooth, flexible texture, and how this doesn't dry up my lips! 

Thoughts? Are you willing to compromise to get wearable matte lips?