New at the drugstore: Revlon’s “new” mousse foundation delivers flawless full coverage

There’s a foundation war going on in drugstores right now. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but affordable foundations have gotten better this year! Big brands are finally responding to our call for long-wearing, easy-to-blend foundation that won’t cost a ton of money while still performing close to a high-end foundation. Leading the charge is the latest from Revlon, just out this month: the Colorstay Full Cover Foundation (P825 for 30ml).


Apparently, this is the modern version of one of Revlon’s most popular foundations which I actually reviewed and liked years ago. If you were a fan of the Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup and got disappointed that it was discontinued, this one is for you! I got the wrong shade five years ago but I really liked the formula nonetheless. This time it comes in a squeeze tube which is so much more convenient than the open jar packaging it came in previously.


Let’s do a quick run down!

What I love about the Revlon Colorstay Full Cover Foundation:

  • This is a mousse foundation that is incredibly easy to blend. It delivers a soft-focus, poreless matte finish that adheres to the skin without feeling heavy. This is best used with a dense synthetic brush or fingers. I won’t recommend a wet sponge, as the silicone base of the foundation might fall apart when mixed with water.

  • Coverage is medium to full. As you can see in my photos below, it was able to cover up 95% of my current blemishes except for the fresh red one where I had just cleared up a pimple! I didn’t even use a concealer in my final look.

  • There are 16 shades available, 14 here in the Philippines. It covers a good range of fair to deep skin tones of Filipinas.

  • I personally like that it comes in a squeeze tube instead of a pump. Pumps can get messy and annoying to clean especially with thicker-textured foundations like this. A squeeze tube dispenses juuuust the right amount of product you need since the Full Cover has a stiffer texture than a liquid foundation.



  • Staying power is average at six to seven hours on my combination skin, after which it starts to fade. I start oiling up by hour three, which is easily fixed with some translucent powder. This is great for half a day’s exertions outside of the house, but this isn’t a full-day 12-hour foundation for me. I actually like that I have a more casual foundation for days when I don’t want to whip out the Fenty or the Double Wear!

Left is my bare face, right is with one layer of the Revlon Full Cover. Look at how nice the finish and coverage is! I didn’t use a concealer here.

Left is my bare face, right is with one layer of the Revlon Full Cover. Look at how nice the finish and coverage is! I didn’t use a concealer here.

What I don’t like about the product:

  • It can crease around areas where there are lines, so it’s not something I would recommend for mature skin. If you have lines around your eyes and mouth like I do, you need to carefully blend on those areas so that the pigment doesn’t sink into them.

  • The shade selection is strange here. Normally anything above 300 in Revlon is way too dark for me, but for this foundation my exact match is 310 Warm Golden (I am NC35 for reference). I recommend comparing the swatches on your skin and applying it on your face to ensure that you get a good match!

The Revlon Full Cover Foundation set with a bit of translucent loose powder.

The Revlon Full Cover Foundation set with a bit of translucent loose powder.

So is it really the same compared to the original version? The Full Cover Foundation is easier to blend and has a more silicone-y, primer-like texture compared to the original. It also has more of a soft matte finish compared to the old one! I would say though that the original Whipped Creme has better staying power and hold, as I recall.


I highly recommend the Colorstay Full Cover Foundation if you need a perfecting matte foundation that makes your skin look amazing for at least six hours. This is good for combination to oily skin. Staying power could be better, but really, I think I’m just spoiled by the long-wearing domination of the Colorstay for Combination/Oily Skin! Get that one if you need something that will stay with you no matter what. I have to say though that I don’t have an exact match in that line so I would still go for Full Cover, personally. It’s also a more casual, less fussy foundation since I can just apply it with a brush or my hands.

Would love to know what you think, as always!

This story is brought to you by Revlon.