Review: The Enchanteur Paris Eau de Toilette

Do you remember your first perfume? Mine came in an aerosol spray bottle and smelled like floral detergent, but my teenage self honestly believed that all perfumes were supposed to be like that. Thankfully, I was disabused of that notion as I grew older. My nose got used to more refined scents - some so good that they are an experience in itself, from the packaging down to the notes!

But here's a fact: a good scent doesn't necessarily have to be expensive. Those on a budget can find good perfumes in the drugstore they know where to look! A new brand called Enchanteur Paris (available inside Watsons) is aiming for that spot in your dresser, and I've got more info on how these smell and stay on.

Enchanteur Paris has four Eau de Toilette (P469) scents with different profiles. Mon Amie is an effervescent scent featuring citrus, apple, and peonies. Adore is graceful with wild jasmine, pink mimosa, and golden pear - do I smell a hint of berry? Belle Amour has apple, melon, blackcurrant, and rose that forms a sweet cloud around one's skin. Finally, Magique, a limited edition scent, features apple, magnolia, and praline for a bold, carefree profile.

As these are eau de toilettes and not eau de parfums (the latter has a higher concentration of perfume oils), they stay on for an average of 2-3 hours depending on the heat and humidity of your environment. You may want to decant some scents into a travel spray bottle so you can retouch anytime! 

While I am not a huge fan of the illustration on the boxes, I love the glass packaging for these scents. They're classy and hefty, something that I'd want to see on my dresser! The cap with the ribbon is a lovely touch and makes the scents look more expensive than they actually are.

Overall, I would recommend the Enchanteur Paris Eau de Toilette to teens and younger women who are looking for their first signature scent. The variants available are all sweet, preppy, and energetic, perfect for the younger set who wants to smell great without spending too much. They also make great gifts to nieces and daughters, in case you were looking for one. 

They're available in Watsons for P469 a pop. Let me know what you think!