Does the red lipstick concealing trick work?

I love the power of a red lip. If I’m pressed for time and can’t do my makeup before heading out, my best bet at looking groomed is one swipe of a bold and true red lipstick. But unlike Taylor Swift post-Red album, I can’t possibly sport the same red pout every single day. So it’s good to know that I can use my collection for another purpose – concealing!

Image via Getty Images

Image via Getty Images

The practice of using corrective tones to fix skin discolorations is not a new technique. By now, you’ve probably seen a ton of conceal and correct palettes with yellow, green, violet, peach, and pink in them. I admit that I’ve never seen one with a bold red pot, but Youtube beauty guru Deepica Mutyala makes a great point as to why it should work. The veins that run underneath dark undereye circles are actually blue and green in tone, which are complementary with orange and red on the color wheel. When combined, these colors cancel out and neutralize each other.

While Deepica has demonstrated how it works for dusky skin tones, we decided to try the red lipstick concealing technique on my medium-toned Pinay complexion. Do you think it covered up all evidence of my dark circles?

Would you be willing to try this out? What lippies do you think will work best with this trick?